Top 10 Reasons Quonsets Are Great Farm Buildings

quonset farm buildings
Quonset farm buildings are arch steel buildings that offer a number of advantages for agricultural uses. We’ll be going over some of the benefits they have to offer, making them a great choice for your farm.

1. Quonsets are Low-Maintenance

Quonsets are designed to last for generations and commonly come with warranties of 40 years. The steel is surprisingly low maintenance and if you get it painted from the factory, often the warranties on paint last for 30 to 40 years so few recoats are needed.

2. They Can Weather the Storm

storage quonset garage With the strength of an arch and all-steel construction, quonsets can withstand just about anything Mother Nature can throw at them. The corrugation makes for a solid building that’s able to withstand high winds as well as heavy snowfall and ice build-up. This is that reassurance you need while you have your livestock and farm produce housed within this structure. 

3. Quonsets Add Value to Your Property

What’s more valuable than a barn that won’t need to be repainted for the foreseeable future? Quonset barns stay looking good, making it easier for buyers to see the property’s true value. This is especially great if you’re looking to sell your farmland sometime in the near future!

4. They’re easy to Expand

quonset hut arch Quonsets are essentially a single-story shell, so expansions are simple. You can basically just order additional arch panels from the manufacturer and bolt them onto the end! This will allow you to keep your farm running smoothly without having to worry about expansion space.

5. No need to worry about framing

There’s no wall framing necessary on these buildings and no interior walls needed for support either! This saves a huge amount of time. All you need is to bolt together the arches and your wall is complete!

6. Quonsets are a movable building option

Quonsets can be easily unbolted and moved to a new location. You can either take the components completely apart or leave the arches intact and move them together to avoid as much re-assembly.

7. They’re Available in Any Size

Quonsets come in all sizes large and small. Since they’re custom-designed, you can have one made to whatever dimensions you require.

8. There are a variety of uses for a quonset

farm metal buildingsSince quonsets can be built in almost any size and style, they’re great for storing just about anything! Many people choose to use them as workshops for the equipment used on their farms as well as to house farming equipment. Apart from workshops, there is the housing of livestock as an option as well as storage of agricultural produce.

9. Easy Material Sourcing

Trying to purchase, transport, and accurately predict the materials needed on site for a wood or masonry building, can be difficult, time-consuming, and expensive. With these building kits, everything is shipped to your site, bolts, pre-cut panels, etc. You don’t need to worry about sourcing a wide array of materials. 

10. Insurance companies love Quonset buildings

Insurance companies love quonsets because they’re usually easy to insure. This is also coupled with the benefit of knowing all of the other advantages of durability and sustainability while being environmentally friendly. The insurance broker knows that the investment offers good protection to the farmer.

At the end of the day – you can couple modernization with traditional farming and benefit from both worlds. How do you know that you are on a farm? Just take a look at the Quonset farm building and you’ll see.