Shipping Container Roof Kits

Bolt-together arch roofing systems can span two shipping containers to give you a large clear-span space to work or store.

shipping container roof system

Sized for Your Span - You choose the amount of space you need to operate. These steel roofing systems can span anything from 25 to 100+ feet so you get all the space you need.

 Strong and Durable - Shipping containers are typically constructed of 14 gauge steel, making them impervious to almost everything. Since shipping containers form the walls of your building, and a steel roofing system is at the top, you can rest assured that your building is built to last.

Simple to Build - quonset animationTypically when you construct an arch-style building, similar to this roofing system, a foundation must first be built. In this case since you're building on shipping containers, you can skip the foundation work and build your space that much faster.

Delivered to Your Site - Shipping container roof systems are manufactured at a factory and delivered right to your job site. They come with everything you need including the nuts and bolts.

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