Kwanzaa Hut

agricultural quonset huts

  The name Kwanzaa Hut is actually a misspelling of Quonset Hut. These are semi-circular buildings made out of arches that are bolted together. This type of structure is very versatile and used for many purposes.   Price Your Kwanzaa Hut (Quonset Hut) Instantly Free Quonset Hut Price Calculator   Popular uses of kwanzaa buildings…

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Earthquake Proof Buildings

military quosnet hut building

There’s no such thing as buildings that are unquestionably earthquake proof since it’s hard to pin down the maximum amount of force an earthquake could exert. There are definitely earthquake-resistant buildings though which will give you the best chance at making it through unscathed. Quonset Hut buildings are able to withstand the majority of earthquakes…

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Quonset Huts

quonset hut garage

Quonset huts are semi-circular steel buildings that are incredibly durable and versatile. They’re built of self-supporting arches allowing for a clear-span interior. The arches are pre cut and drilled at the factory, then bolted together in pieces for simple assembly that most non-professionals can handle. These buildings are ideal for everything from sheds and garages,…

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