These custom engineered steel buildings make an ideal start to your dream barndominium home.

Designed for You - A steel barndominium is designed and priced based on the size you need. Don’t squeeze yourself into a one-size-fits-all. Get the exact dimensions needed for your home.

Factory Manufactured - Since these barns are factory made and shipped to your site for assembly, you have less mess onsite and less down-days for fabrication.

Customizable - Factory manufactured doesn’t mean an uncustomized building. You can choose from multiple rooflines, colors, accessories, and more. A helpful building representative will answer questions and help you design your dream home.

Made in USA - We work with quality American manufacturers to help keep Americans employed.

Open-Space - The steel building frame allows for large clear-span space. This gives you the freedom to have an open interior, or however you'd like it without needing supporting walls.

Cost Savings - Barndominiums can be insulated for high energy efficiency. They also typically receive lower insurance rates due to their durability and resistance to fire, storms, and pests. You also save on assembly thanks to the components being prepared at the factory. Finally, you get a building that is designed to last generations, saving you money on long-term maintenance and replacement.

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Please note that pricing is for the exterior barndominium building. You can customize the interior as you'd like, or speak with the manufacturer about recommended contractors.

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Barndominium Pictures

Here are some examples of barndominiums to grow your dream home plans.

Barndominium Building FAQ

With barndominiums being heavily customized to each person's taste, most questions are best addressed by a building rep after request pricing. We've tried our best to answer some common questions below.

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