Quonset Hut Workshops

These workshop buildings are custom-sized and accessorized for your project needs. Incredibly strong due to their all-steel construction, these buildings were first used by the US Navy during WWII because of their affordability and ease of construction. Arch panels come pre-cut and drilled so you just need to bolt them together. Great for DIYers!

Customized - Get the space you need. Widths from 25ft to 100+

 Durable - These arch buildings made entirely out of steel are strong & factory-engineered to get the job done.

Great DIY Project quonset construction animation blue background- Panel parts come pre-cut and drilled. It's a simple bolt-together process that requires no heavy equipment or experience.

Customized - Choose from multiple panel colors, door and window configurations, insulation, skylights & more.

Made in USA - We're proud to work with American building suppliers who provide a quality, affordable product.

Engineered - Factory engineering will help ensure your workshop is up to local codes. Ask for drawings to make for easier permits.

Useable Space - Because the arches are self-supporting, you get completely clear-span usable space on the interior.

Budget-Friendly - You save thanks to the efficiency of factory engineering and virtually no long-term maintenance.

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