Steel Building Components

Steel buildings are known for their affordability, durability, and versatility. Engineered for your needs, you choose the size, windows, doors, skylights, insulation & more.

steel buildings


building slab foundation

Steel buildings are able to work with a variety of foundation options. One of the great things with choosing an engineered steel building is its engineering team can help determine the best solution and provide foundation drawings.


steel building insulation options

If you plan to heat and cool your building, or even just want passive temperature regulation, good news. There are multiple easy-to-install insulation options available.


steel building doors

There are a wide range of door sizes and options to fit your needs. Choose from factory available options, or simply get the spaced framed in so you can source your own.


steel building windows

When designing your building, openings can be framed in and included to house almost any type of window you can imagine. There are factory-available options, or you can choose to source them yourself.


steel building vents

As with most methods of construction, venting is a best practice. It helps regulate temperature, ensure healthy airflow, reduce condensation build-up, and more. There are a variety of styles of vents available for steel buildings.


standing seam metal roof

While there are a few steel roofing options available, a standing seam roof is our recommended way to go to protect your investments and keep things dry.

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