Commercial Quonset Huts

From offices to retail to warehousing & more. Customize a building for your business.

Sized for Business - Get the space you need to grow with widths from 25+ feet and lengths from 30+ feet.

 Strong - These buildings are made from 100% steel and designed to outlast wood construction.

Customized - Get a building that's right for your business by customizing windows, doors, colors, insulation, vents, and more.

Quick Assembly quonset animation- Thanks to pre-cut and drilled panels, these commercial building kits allow for quick assembly to get your business up and running.

Engineered - Building plans are reviewed by factory engineers to ensure the steel is gauged for local building codes.

Clear-Span - Because the arches are self-supporting, your business gets full use of the interior space.

Budget Friendly - Quonset huts offer up-front pricing to help keep your business on budget. You also save longer term with minimal maintenance costs.

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Customize a Building for Your Business

Every business has different needs. Customize a building that suits them perfectly. Some elements you can customize are:


From 25ft wide/long & 10ft high


Choose available options or frame for your own


Tons of sizes for vehicle & man doors


Arch colours and end wall colors available.


Multiple options & R-values available

& More

Vents, arch profile, & more

Commercial Quonset Hut Pictures

Each building is customized for your business needs but here are some past examples.

Commercial Quonset Hut Profiles

After you determine the size of your building, you'll need to decide on a style of quonset. Quonsets now come in a variety of profiles, not just the traditional semi-circle arch. Each type offers a slightly different look and offers its own benefits for your business...

A / P Model

quonset model a or model p This design of quonset is the most similar to traditional buildings if you want to blend-in a bit more. It features a peaked roof with a straight roofline and side-walls. Many manufacturers can provide pre-painted colors.

Q Model

Quonset model q If you want to stand out with a traditional quonset look for your commercial purposes, then the Q style is the way to go. It's a semi-circular design with the lowest cost of all the quonset options.

X Model

quonset model x Popular in higher snow and wind load areas, the X model offers the best of both worlds. You get a more traditional look with straight walls and a peaked roof, but also an incredibly strong building due to sloping walls.

S Model

quonset model s The S Style is a very common one for business purposes. It offers a beautiful arch style roof with straight side walls. The sidewalls maximize interior space for whatever your needs may be.

R Model

quonset model rWant to blend traditional styling with a stand-out modern roof? The R style is essentially a roofing system which allows you to construct walls of another material like wood, brick or concrete, and place the arch style steel roof on top.

T Model

quonset model t

If you're looking to put an addition on an existing building then the T Style is for you. This model uses an existing wall or structure for support. It's ideal for additional storage space or perhaps a workshop on an existing warehouse.

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