Metal Storage Building Kits

Looking for durable and long-lasting storage solutions? You've come to the right place

Custom Sized - Storage buildings come in everything from a 25-foot-wide shed to a 200-foot-wide warehouse.

 Durable - These aren't your flimsy tin sheds. These structures use thick steel to stand up to wear and tear.

Prefabricated - Enjoy less labor costs and the efficiency of factory manufacturing. Parts are pre-cut and delivered to your site.

American Made - We work with American building suppliers and manufacturers to help keep Americans employed.

Engineering - Factory engineers should review building plans to ensure it stands up to the required building codes.

Clear-Span Space - Metal beams are able to span large distances meaning fewer interior supports and more usable storage space.

Cost-Effective - You save with a metal storage building thanks to the efficiency of factory manufacturing, lower labor costs, and lower long-term maintenance costs.

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Made Your Needs

Customize a building to fit your storage needs by customizing the...


From 25ft wide/long & 10ft high


Choose available options or frame for your own


Tons of sizes for vehicle & man doors


Choose wall, roof, and trim colors to match your style


Multiple options & R-values available

& More

Vents, roofline slope, & more

Metal Storage Building Pictures

Each building is customized for your needs, but here's what some building customers have done in the past.

Metal Storage Building FAQ

Here are some common questions and answers regarding finding a metal building for your storage needs.

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