Benefits of Prefab Modular Buildings

portable modular home

Building a home or office from scratch can be a significant undertaking, most often requiring months of planning and then followed by the construction process. However, consider this, what if there was an alternative that could save you a significant amount of time and money? This is where you can look at attaining a prefab…

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Building Codes for Canadian Steel Buildings

canadian steel building codes

Building codes help ensure the safety of all structures whether new or old. Every three or so years, the codes are updated to reflect the latest advancements in the building industry. This is all in an effort to ensure your safety, and also the impact on your surroundings, and even public safety. The codes also…

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Why Termites Are Such A Problem For Wood Buildings

termites and wood buildings

Wood has been a commonly used building material for millennia, and with good reason. It’s surprisingly strong, commonly sourced and looks beautiful. Unfortunately wood has its weaknesses and one of those is termites. As with any organic material, there are a few issues that can come with using wood as your building material. One of…

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Top 10 Reasons Quonsets Are Great Farm Buildings

quonset farm buildings

Quonset farm buildings are arch steel buildings that offer a number of advantages for agricultural uses. We’ll be going over some of the benefits they have to offer, making them a great choice for your farm. 1. Quonsets are Low-Maintenance Quonsets are designed to last for generations and commonly come with warranties of 40 years.…

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What Are Building Permits?

what are building permits

Thinking about building or making structural modifications to your building? Then you’ll need building permits. What are building permits? Think of them as your permission and approval by the local government, and this permit is needed before any work commences. A permit generally remains open and pending until the work has been completed and approved…

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How To Build A Quonset Hut

arch quonset construction

One of the primary benefits of a Quonset hut is how easy it is to construct one. As everything is precut and drilled at the factory, the structure must only be assembled on the site. The process is easy enough that even an amateur can handle it. It can also be treated as a DIY…

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Types of Building Foundations

truck pouring foundation

People don’t often realize it, but there are many different types of building foundations. A foundation is one of the most important elements of a new building and also a significant cost. This article will explore the different types of foundations in more detail and what they are best suited to. Types of Foundations Type…

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