Quonset Hut Homes

Quonset houses are a great solution if you're looking for a strong, affordable, unique custom home.

Sizes - Each building is custom-made for size requirements. Widths generally start at 25 wide and go up from there.

 Built to Last - This isn't a flimsy mobile prefab home. These structures are made from 100% steel and built to last.

Easy Construction quonset animation- Pre-cut and drilled arches arrive on site, ready for bolting. No heavy equipment or experience is required.

Accessories - Make the home your own with skylights, doors, windows, custom colors and more.

Made in USA - American-made construction helps you feel confident in the quality of your home.

Engineering - State-of-the-art software and factory engineers can review your quonset house structure to ensure it's up to code.

Clear-Span - Thanks to the self-supporting arches, you get 100% useable clear-span space. The interior is open for your customizing.

Save - Homes are some of the most expensive purchases you'll ever make, but you can save by planning your own. Less labor and lower maintenance fees help you save long-term.

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Customize Your Quonset

Each building is uniquely designed and manufactured for your needs.


From 25ft wide/long & 10ft high


Choose available options or frame for your own


Tons of sizes for vehicle & man doors


Arch colours and end wall colors available.


Multiple options & R-values available

& More

Vents, arch profile, & more

Quonset Hut Home Pictures

These unique homes turn heads and make the neighbors jealous. Customize yours!

Quonset House FAQ

There are a lot of details to consider with a house, but here are some common questions we get about them.

Quonset Hut Home Profiles

The earliest quonsets came in a basic semi-circle shape. These days you can choose a quonset in a variety of different profiles to fit your space and aesthetic preferences. The most common shapes are:

A / P Model

quonset model a or model p This style of quonset offers the most traditional home-look with straight vertical walls and an angled roofline which comes to a peak. It's one of the most common housing choices for that reason but is slightly more expensive than some others.

S Model

quonset model s The S Model is quickly becoming the most popular style of choice for quonset hut home builders. It's vertical walls offer much more useable space than with a pure-curve, and you still get the style benefits of an arched quonset style roof.

Q Model

Quonset model q When it comes to quonset styling, the Q is king (or queen). This profile is the original style for quonset buildings and resembles a semi-circle. It offers the most affordable cost per square foot, but you may find less useable space right by the angled walls.

R Model

quonset model rSometimes all you need is a roof and that's exactly what the R Model provides. It allows you to build the walls of your house out of traditional brick or wood framing. The arch-style roofing system then sits on top to provide a steel-strong, low maintenance roof with minimal clearance (perfect for skylights).

X Model

quonset model x While not the most popular housing option, X Models are closer to a traditional look than a standard arch. The slight outward slope of the side-walls allows for much more strength in high snowload areas than an A or S Model do.

T Model

quonset model t

The T model of quonset is essentially a lean-to since it butts up against a pre-built wall or structure. This can make it a good solution for someone who wants to have an exterior wall with a large number of windows, or if you're looking to add an addition onto your existing home.

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