Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings

Get a customized steel structure that's engineered to meet codes and stand up to loads.

pre-engineered steel buildings

Pre-engineered steel buildings can make life a whole lot easier. Most steel buildings are actually engineered and plans need to be reviewed by a certified engineer prior to manufacturing. This reduces a lot of headaches for owners by ensuring they receive a well-designed building, that provides simple prefab construction and comes with plans for easier permit approval. There are two main types of pre-engineered steel buildings and those are Quonsets or straight wall/rigid frame.

Custom Sized - You specify the dimensions you want, generally starting at 20 feet wide/long, then engineering reviews the required steel framing to support those needs.

  Durability - Given the careful planning that goes into these, and the structural integrity of steel framing, these are built to last.

Prefab Construction - You end up with less headaches when it comes time to build given components are pre-cut and drilled.

Accessories - You choose the windows, doors, skylights, vents, insulation and more. Then the design team makes it work.

Made in USA - We believe in buying local for high-quality at a great price (shipping heavy steel buildings is expensive).

Engineered - Here's where the magic happens. Buildings are reviewed by the factory engineers to ensure structural integrity.

Less Framing - Since steel beams can span wider widths, you get larger clear-span space than with traditional wood framing.

Pricing - Help manage your costs with a pre-engineered building as opposed to having to deal with architects, engineers, lumber yards, more laborers than necessary and more..

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Here are some examples of past pre-engineered buildings.

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