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Stay up to date on the latest building news, tips and buying tricks with our building blog posts. Here are a few recent articles you may be interested in...

What are the Most Common Steel Building Sizes?

30x40 metal building cost

One of the reasons steel building kits have become popular over the years is that you can customize their sizes. Even though the size of a steel building is completely…

Best Building Materials for Your Garage, Workshop, or Storage Building

building material types

The best building materials for your structure are always dependent on build-site factors. If for example you’re located close to seawater, then a steel building may not be the best…

Innovative Building Solutions: Creating Efficient and Sustainable Construction Projects

innovative building solutions

Recently, the construction industry has undergone a significant transformation, with an increasing focus on efficiency, sustainability, and safety. This article will explore various building solutions to help homeowners, builders, and…

What is a Quonset Hut?

quonset huts

Quonset huts are semicircular steel buildings that are famous for their strength, durability and versatility. Made of self-supporting arches that are drilled and precut at the site of manufacture, all…

Earthquake Proof Buildings

earthquake proof buildings

There’s no such thing as buildings that are unquestionably earthquake proof since it’s hard to pin down the maximum amount of force an earthquake could exert. There are definitely earthquake-resistant…

Off Grid Cabin Guide: Build & Embrace Sustainable Living

off grid cabin

Imagine waking up to birds chirping, the smell of fresh air, and the sight of a beautiful sunrise streaming through your windows. This is the life many dreams of when…

Why Metal Buildings Make Great Churches

metal church buildings

Metal buildings make great churches because they allow for large open spaces. This means that there is lots of space to accommodate both congregants and musicians, and it will not…

Steel Pole Barn Kits: Buyer’s Guide

steel pole barn kits

Steel pole barn kits are an excellent option for anyone looking to build a durable and cost-effective structure quickly. These kits are popular with farmers, ranchers, and property owners who…

Looking to Build a Metal Barn? We Can Help

metal barn building

Metal barns are becoming increasingly popular among farmers and ranchers. They offer many benefits over traditional wooden barns, including increased durability, lower maintenance costs, and greater resistance to fire and…

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