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Stay up to date on the latest building news, tips and buying tricks with our building blog posts. Here are a few recent articles you may be interested in...

Metal RV Garages

metal rv garages

Metal RV garages are the ideal solution to your RV storage needs. Most RV owners are aware of the difficulties of finding proper storage for their recreational vehicles. Not surprising, as the vehicles are much bigger than your typical average car or van. You can rent out a storage place for your RV, but why…

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Romney Huts

Romney Huts

Arch metal buildings have long been famous for their sturdiness and Romney Huts are part of that history. This style of prefabricated arch building was designed for military use but has over time been replaced by the Quonset Hut for both military and civilian purposes. What is a Romney Hut? Romney huts or Romney sheds…

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Steel Buildings vs Pole Barns: Which One is Right for You?

metal barn buildings

Trying to compare steel buildings vs pole barns to find out which is right for your property? Then this article is perfect for you. We will discuss the benefits and drawbacks of both steel buildings and pole barns so that it becomes easier to make a decision about what type of building would work best…

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Nissen Huts

nissen huts

The use of Quonset arch steel buildings has increased recently, but few know about one of their precursors, Nissen Huts (sometimes mistakenly called Nissan Huts). Originally created for military use, these buildings evolved into Romney Huts then their final form, the Quonset Hut. We’ll look into what they were and a bit of their history.…

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Metal Frame Buildings

metal frame buildings

Metal frame buildings are a popular choice for everything from storage sheds to warehouses to residential housing. These affordable buildings can be built to any size and shape that you need. There are multiple types of metal frame buildings to consider. We’ll discuss some of the benefits of these metal-framed buildings and why you should…

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Pole Barns

pole barn

Pole barns are durable, affordable buildings built using either wood or steel framing. They’re constructed using a form called the post-frame method of construction. This method is often referred to as post-frame buildings and they come in a variety of sizing and custom layouts.  Many of the components today are well-engineered and composed of prefabricated…

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What Are Building Permits?

what are building permits

Thinking about building or making structural modifications to your building? Then you’ll need building permits. What are building permits? Think of them as your permission and approval by the local government, and this permit is needed before any work commences. A permit generally remains open and pending until the work has been completed and approved…

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Why Termites Are Such A Problem For Wood Buildings

termites and wood buildings

Wood has been a commonly used building material for millennia, and with good reason. It’s surprisingly strong, commonly sourced and looks beautiful. Unfortunately wood has its weaknesses and one of those is termites. As with any organic material, there are a few issues that can come with using wood as your building material. One of…

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gambrel barndominium

If you don’t know what a bardominiums are, you are not alone. But this style of home may just be the solution you’re looking for. This cost-effective housing method features a prefabricated steel building that’s customized for residential use. The durability and affordability of steel buildings makes for a long-lasting home with lower long-term maintenance…

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Modular Office Buildings

small modular house

Creating a Modular Office Complex Creating a modular office complex is a great way to increase the flexibility of your building space. The modular nature of this type of structure enables it to be flexible enough to meet your specific needs. For example, you can choose to build several smaller office buildings, or one large,…

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Earthquake Proof Buildings

earthquake proof buildings

There’s no such thing as buildings that are unquestionably earthquake proof since it’s hard to pin down the maximum amount of force an earthquake could exert. There are definitely earthquake-resistant buildings though which will give you the best chance at making it through unscathed. Quonset Hut buildings are able to withstand the majority of earthquakes…

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Sea Cans

sea cans

A sea can, most commonly called a shipping container, is a metal rectangular box designed to transport goods by ship, truck or freight train. Recently people have been finding other uses for them as well, such as: Storage sheds Retail pop-up Container Homes Equipment Storage & More These containers have revolutionized how the global economy…

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Modular Homes

modular homes

Affordable, attractive, and often environmentally friendly. Modular homes offer a wide range of benefits for those looking to build their own home or relocate to a more affordable area. It’s no wonder these houses are becoming more and more popular these days. Factors such as increases in housing prices, a lack of skilled labor, and…

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Red Iron Buildings

red iron buildings

Red iron buildings are very common in larger-scale construction. These buildings are made from steel I-beams that are coated in red iron oxide to protect them. Here are some more facts and details about this construction method to help you decide if it’s right for your project’s needs.   Price Your Red Iron Steel Building…

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Livestock Shelters

livesetock shelters

Livestock shelters are an essential part of livestock operations. They help keep your investment, be it cattle, horses, pigs, goats, sheep or more, protected and healthy. Determining what type of material is best for shelter is the first thing you need to figure out. There are many materials for the shelter buildings, but here, we…

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How To Build A Quonset Hut

arch quonset construction

One of the primary benefits of a Quonset hut is how easy it is to construct one. As everything is precut and drilled at the factory, the structure must only be assembled on the site. The process is easy enough that even an amateur can handle it. It can also be treated as a DIY…

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SIP Buildings

sip buildings

SIPs or Structural insulated panels are a building system featuring two structurally supportive sides sandwiching a foam core. These panels are then connected to form the structure and insulation of a building.

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How Construction Loans Work

how construction loans work

The process of building your own home may be thrilling and fulfilling. Nonetheless, it is a process that can become complicated and costly without proper preparation and supervision. Knowing how construction loans function is essential. These loans can be used for anything from the initial planning stages of a project to the final touches on…

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Top 10 Reasons Quonsets Are Great Farm Buildings

quonset farm buildings

Quonset farm buildings are arch steel buildings that offer a number of advantages for agricultural uses. We’ll be going over some of the benefits they have to offer, making them a great choice for your farm. 1. Quonsets are Low-Maintenance Quonsets are designed to last for generations and commonly come with warranties of 40 years.…

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Building Codes for Canadian Steel Buildings

canadian steel building codes

Building codes help ensure the safety of all structures whether new or old. Every three or so years, the codes are updated to reflect the latest advancements in the building industry. This is all in an effort to ensure your safety, and also the impact on your surroundings, and even public safety. The codes also…

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Classes of Buildings

quonset farm buildings

If you are considering building a new structure, or if you just want to know more about how different classes of buildings, this article is for you. There are many different classification systems for buildings. The appropriate one will depend on your intention. The main types are: use based classifications residential investment based classifications commercial…

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Benefits of Prefab Modular Buildings

portable modular home

Building a home or office from scratch can be a significant undertaking, most often requiring months of planning and then followed by the construction process. However, consider this, what if there was an alternative that could save you a significant amount of time and money? This is where you can look at attaining a prefab…

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Types of Building Foundations

truck pouring foundation

People don’t often realize it, but there are many different types of building foundations. A foundation is one of the most important elements of a new building and also a significant cost. This article will explore the different types of foundations in more detail and what they are best suited to. Types of Foundations Type…

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We’re Now on Youtube

price buildings youtube video

We’re proud to introduce our new Youtube channel! Visit us, subscribe and stay up to date on the latest building related videos at: To kick things off, we’ve added our first intro video. These were just made and we’re really happy with how it turned out. As a building company we wanted something that…

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Do You Need Steel Building Insulation?

steel building insulation options

At times in an effort to keep costs down during the construction phase, some people may decide to go without steel building insulation. However, depending on the purpose of your building, it may be quite important to do the insulation process as it can benefit you down the road. Whether it’s a steel home, an…

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Modular Buildings

modular homes

Modular buildings are constructed using prefabricated on individual parts of the building called “modules”. These modules are then transported to their site and assembled in place. Modular construction is now at the peak of popularity in the mainstream of the building industry due primarily to its affordability and ease of construction. This type of building…

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Metal Hangar Buildings

metal hangar buildings

The aviation industry has been growing by leaps and bounds with modern technology. The speed and the capability of the planes have improved significantly. But with that, one question has remained: where do you store all of those planes? They are not cheap equipment that can be placed anywhere, and ample space is necessary. This…

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The Quonset Hut is Important for Today’s Housing Solutions

quonset hut homes

Not to be taken for granted that everyone knows what it is, we’ll still define the quonset structure. The quonset hut is a type of building made of corrugated metal, and which also has a semi-circular cross section, particularly the roof. They are usually prefabricated and tend to be lightweight yet durable under various weather…

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For Your Next Landscaping Project – Rent a Skid Steer

skid steer loader

A skid steer can be a big help when you are tackling a landscaping project, but, what exactly is a skid steer? What are its advantages? And why is it one of the best tools for most landscaping projects? Today we will answer those questions and more, or simply reach out to our team for…

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