Quonset Hut Garages

Quonset hut garages are durable, affordable, and customized for your needs. Choose the size, number of doors, windows, colors and more.

Sizing - Each building is custom-engineered specifically for your needs. Widths start at 25 feet.

 Strength - Garages take a lot of abuse and these 100% steel buildings can handle it. You'll be shocked by how thick the steel is.

quonset animationSimple to Build - These structures are an ideal DIY project since the panels are pre-cut and drilled. Just bring a wrench!

Customization - You get a choice of colors, size, accessories, doors, windows, vents, insulation and much more.

Made in USA - We think buying local is the way to go so we work with American factories and suppliers.

Engineering - You get the benefit of factory engineering to help ensure your garage is designed to last.

Lots of Space - The unique clear-span design of these buildings means no interior joists or framing take up space.

Affordable - If you can save money, we say go for it! While the raw steel is more than wood, you save from factory efficiency, less labor, often lower insurance premiums & less maintenance.

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Customize Your Quonset Garage

Each building is individually manufactured to fit your needs. Choose the...


From 25ft wide/long & 10ft high


Choose available options or frame for your own


Tons of sizes for vehicle & man doors


Arch colours and end wall colors available.


Multiple options & R-values available

& More

Vents, arch profile, & more

Quonset Garage Pictures

These garages are customized for your needs. Here's what some others have built.

Quonset Garage FAQ

Here are some commonly asked questions about these buildings.

Models of Quonset Garages

Originally quonsets came exclusively in a semi-circular arch style (Q Model below). Over time they shifted from a bare-bones military focus to be used for residential purposes like garages, workshops, etc. That shift resulted in a wide variety of profiles that are available today. Aside from aesthetics, these profiles all have their own popular uses and benefits. The most popular styles are listed below along with a few details.

P Model (A Model)

quonset model a or model p This is the most popular style of building for residential quonset garages. Its straight walls and peaked roof most closely resemble traditional buildings so it blends seamlessly with existing buildings, like your home.

S Model

quonset model s S Model quonset garages are the second most popular (after A models). Straight walls provide tons of side storage space and a traditional look. The arched roofline provides a high ceiling which is easier to make than the A model's so it's normally less expensive.

Q Model

Quonset model q While it's no longer the only model of quonset available, the Q Model is still a very popular option. This style of quonset is the easiest to manufacture so it's the least expensive for your garage. The sloping sides make it more suitable to larger commercial garages.

R Model

quonset model rWant a simple carport, or do you want to build your own walls from bricks or another material to blend in with existing buildings? Then the R Model roofing system is your best option. Here the arch panels act as a roof to keep your cars safe and your costs down.

X Model

quonset model x The sloping walls of the X model quonset offers additional strength over a straight wall design. This makes it a popular option for two car garages, commercial garages, or garage workshop combos in higher snow-load areas.

T Model

quonset model t

If you're looking to add an attached garage onto an existing building, then the T Model is likely perfect for you. Arch panels form the one side while the other can butt up against an existing building like your home.

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