Quonset Huts

quonset huts

Quonset huts are semi-circular steel buildings that are incredibly durable and versatile. These buildings are ideal for everything from sheds and garages, to large industrial warehouses.

They’re built of self-supporting arches allowing for a clear-span interior. The arches are pre cut and drilled at the factory, then bolted together in pieces for simple assembly that most non-professionals can handle.

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Common Quonset Uses

Quonsets are known for their versatility. The wide open clear-span structure gives you a blank canvas to customize however you’d like. Common uses include, but are not limited to:


Pictures of Quonset Huts


What Sizes of Quonsets are Available?

Quonsets are engineered and factory manufactuered specifically for your needs. Because of this, they can be made in an infinite number of sizes. There are some standards though which help keep pricing down:

  • Width – Building widths typically start at 16 feet wide and go up to around 150ft, depending on the load requirements for that location. There are some standard widths, 20ft, 25ft, 30ft, 40ft etc.
  • Length – The length of your building is basically infinite since you can always add on additional arches. Each arch is 2 feet wide so lengths typically start at around 20ft and go up in increments of 2.
  • Height – Heights generally start at 10ft and go up in increments of 2 ft. 12ft is a common height for residential use buildings.

Whatever size you require, Price Buildings can help put you in touch with the right manufacturer.


Why Choose Quonset Huts?


metal buildingSteel buildings are known for their durability. While some of that comes from the inherent strength of steel, much of it also comes from its engineering and prefabrication. When you choose a building that is factory manufactured, you get the benefit of both factory engineering as well as precision forming and cutting. All of this lends itself to a building that will be durable enough to last for generations.

Construction Time

When constructing a building from traditional building materials like cinderblocks or wood, you need to measure and cut pieces on-site as you’re building. This slows down the building process and adds difficulty. Quonset construction on the other hand have their components pre-cut and drilled at the factory so assembly is primarily just a matter of bolting it all together.

Save Money

When choosing the right building for your needs, don’t forget to look beyond the initial build costs. While steel buildings can be less expensive in the initial build phase, where they really save you money is in the long term. Reduced maintenance, a longer life, and lower insurance costs all add up to save you money.


The shell of a steel building is essentially a blank slate. You can customize the outside structure in terms of dimensions, colors, doors, windows, vents, etc. Since the walls are all self-supporting, you’re left free to customize the interior however you want.

Fire Resistant

Whether it’s a lightning strike or an electrical fire, fires do happen. It’s virtually impossible for steel to burn in a normal setting, but a stick building on the other hand can be a bit of a tinderbox. Protect your valuables by choosing the right type of building.


The longevity of a steel building comes down to a few factors but they include the durability of steel itself. The thought-out design process of an engineered structure. There’s minimal maintenance needed for a simple structure like a steel building versus something with multiple components like wood framing and cladding.

Less Foundation Issues

truck pouring foundationSince steel doesn’t need as much framing as wood does, less weight is placed on the building foundation. Because it weighs less, there isn’t as much settling. As such, the odds of expensive foundation issues developing helps improve the lifespan of your building and the changes of an expensive future repair is drastically reduced.

Low Maintenance

Because of their longevity, a building provider will typically offer you a 2-decade-long warranty. You can expect your metal building to last for generations with proper upkeep.

If you choose a painted option, the paint on these buildings is baked on so the colors will not fade away. As such, metal buildings will have their aesthetics maintained for decades. Metal does not succumb to harsh elements like wooden sheds do. Therefore, the upkeep required on your end will be minimal.

It’s Rot Free

steel archesOrganic elements invite fungal and microbial growth. Because wood is an organic substance, it is vulnerable to organic infections like mold and rot. Steel, on the other hand, is not organic. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about pests being invited by bacterial growth.

Pest Resistance

Whether it’s termites, carpenter ants or another form of vermin in your area, a steel quonset hut building is your best defense. Traditional wood buildings can be gnawed at creating holes and a perfect environment for harboring critters. Steel keeps your building sealed, blocking the pests out.

Energy Efficiency

When these buildings are properly insulated, it can reduce energy bills by as much as 50%. A steel building will use various appliances like an air conditioner or heater to retain the temperature based on the season. Skylights can also be added to use natural sunlight versus electrically powered lights.


Metal buildings like quonset huts are eco-friendly, believe it or not. When steel is used to build something instead of wood, forests and trees are saved. We, as people, are dependent on trees to keep our ecosystem going. Ongoing deforestation results in devastating climate change consequences. Once the building is done with, it can be entirely recycled and the metal used to create other products.

There’s also less waste with the manufacturing of a quonset hut building because the pieces are cut and drilled at a factory which can then recycle the cut metal scraps. When you’re building a wood structure, quite a lot of end-cuts go completely to waste.

Retained Value

Steel quonsets that are constructed well will retain their beauty exceptionally, which, in turn, retains the building’s overall value.

Easily Expanded

Remodeling a quonset building to add more space is quick and easy if you decide to do so after construction. Enlarging the structure at one end-wall simply requires ordering extra frames and matching the initial structure. Adding extra space onto the sidewalls necessitates another steel building that adjoins the original one.

DIY Possible

If you’re a handy person and are looking for a building to construct yourself, then look no further. Since these buildings are factory manufactured, they come with instruction manuals to make for a simple building project.

How to Build One

Assembling a quonset hut is easier than you may think. Here’s a great timelapse video showing the entire process from pouring a foundation, to raising and bolting together the arches.

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