Doors for Steel Buildings

It's simple to add doors to your building, whether at the point of manufacturing or as a retrofit.

Let us consider some of the possible door options for your building.

steel building doors

Steel Walk-In Metal Doors

two bay steel workshop building This type of door is common in metal buildings and can be either in single or double door systems. The Steel Walk metal door can also come assembled and pre-hung in the frame. This works well for those customers who have little to no experience in door installation. If it is pre-assembled the installer can have this type of door in place in about 30 - 45 minutes.

It would of course take a bit longer if the door was “knocked down” and would require an experienced door installer to assemble and install.

Over-Head Doors

large steel garageThe classic design along with the elegance of clean lines, add to the beauty of these types of doors. These doors can be used for both commercial and personal use, and the steel framed opening to coincide with these doors should be ordered simultaneously. When choosing these doors the option of insulation or non-insulation may be chosen. Along with this - glass lites, track options and even weather stripping should be considered.

These types of doors tend to be found in garages, storage and larger structures like barns.

Roll Up Doors

These types of doors offer a form of security, as they are typically made of steel. As such they are found to be easy to maintain and sometimes help lower insurance premiums as well. Even if this type of door is heavily used the steel roll-up doors are found to endure the wear. When it comes to insulated roll-up doors, they are effective in reducing energy transfer between the inside and outside environment.

The added plus for roll-up doors is that they are gathered into a roll instead of sliding on tracks. Therefore they take up little space and provide for maximum use of space.

Glass Entry Doors

steel office buildingThese types of doors are ideal for those steel buildings that may be used in the personal space and retail business sector. This type of door provides for ample natural lighting while being easy to clean and maintain. They may be seen as a greener or eco-friendly option, as more natural lighting can enter and reduce your power bill somewhat.

Some of the cons of this type of door includes:

  • Prone to cracks
  • Prone to breakage
  • Reduced privacy

For a steel building, the glass door may add some form of modernity as well as aesthetic beauty. This adds value by creating a strong visual impact for your building.

Mini-Storage Doors

steel self storage building As the name suggests, these are primarily found in small structures and have been built to meet those specific needs. These mini-storage doors have been built similar to standard doors, with a gear-driven tensioning bracket for easy adjustments.

They also are primed to have rust-resistant elements and are able to protect your steel building investment against the elements. The usable square footage in each unit is maximized.

Compact Sectional Doors

These types of doors are seen to be flexible and space-efficient. They can be considered as a suitable alternative to conventional sectional doors, and require no overhead support railing. The folding action in a concertina form pushes the door leaves into a compact space directly above the doorway. When opened, the door leaves can then be recessed into the ceiling space, and become hidden if needed.

There are no counter-balancing springs - which means the operation of this door happens quietly and there is minimal maintenance involved. The full perimeter seal provides for an airtight design.

Overall, it means that your steel building can also have suitable doors that enhances curb-side appeal and leaves a good first impression.

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