Windows for Metal Buildings

Windows play a crucial role in both the feel and functionality of your metal building.

metal building windows

When deciding on the right windows for your steel or metal building, there are many decisions to be made. First, which type of windows do you want to install? Second, the location of these windows as that will affect the lighting of the space and can impact the energy efficiency and air-flow needs as well.

The installation process tends to be quick and with the right knowledge or guidance, any style window can be installed. If you already have the building in place, and now need to retrofit the windows this can also be done. However, if it is a new building kit going into position, your building rep will be happy to address any questions.

Window Materials

Any type of window can be used in your metal building. The most common types you'll see are vinyl or aluminum windows, but you can also use:

  • Wood Framed Window with Steel Fasteners - more durable and added strength
  • Vinyl Framed Windows
  • Aluminum Windows
  • Fiberglass Windows

Metal Building Window Types

metal factory building The main types of windows are below. Over the years, window technology has evolved so this is by no means an exhaustive list, but it covers the most common options.

  • Single Hung
  • Horizontal Slide
  • Slim Line
  • Self Flashing
  • Self Framing

Aluminum Window Considerations

When using aluminum windows there will be the need for some type of buffer. This buffer is important, to reduce having direct contact between the metal building and the metal window. If you do not do this, there will be galvanic action and deterioration here and there is a higher chance of corrosive issues. This is usually prevented by the installation of a neoprene shim which sits between the metal window frame and the metal structure opening and is about ¼ - ½ inch in thickness.

With the details of this - it might be best to have a professional install this, and may not be ideal for first-time DIYers to proceed. During installation - be sure to use plenty of caulk., you can never use too much. This will stop the leaks from happening.

The Framed Opening & Window

metal frame buildingsWindows openings can be added into your building plans to ensure the appropriate sized cut outs are included.

Along with this, you can add a jamb, header, and sill trimming to give it a superior look. The window header would be known as the Top C- Channel and the window sill would be the Bottom C- Channel, the left and right would be the Jambs.

You should be absolutely clear in your specs when ordering your window. For example - A 4 ft wide x 3ft high wall opening, would take a window of 3 Ft 11 ½ ins. x 2Ft 11 ½ ins.

The framed opening for the window on a Quonset building will come pre-fabricated generally as one or two pieces that bolt into the rest of the arches. The opening on a rigid frame or straight wall metal building will most likely consist of structural framing made of 16-gauge C-Channel, with a finished J- trim. This helps seal the assembly fixture and also provides a finished look. The depth of this frame should match the metal-wall girth or diameter, which tends to be around 8 - 12 inches for a flush interior framing condition.

If you have a need for an exceedingly large window, be sure to touch base with your manufacturer ahead of time. The metal building will have a load-bearing distribution and this added load can cause structural issues if the window is improperly installed.

If you're looking for a steel building with plenty of windows, be sure to get in touch and see how we can help. Request a free building quote today!

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