Pole Barns

pole barn
Pole barns are durable, affordable buildings built using either wood or steel framing. They’re constructed using a form called the post-frame method of construction. This method is often referred to as post-frame buildings and they come in a variety of sizing and custom layouts. 

Many of the components today are well-engineered and composed of prefabricated components. This also leads to the structure being built economically while meeting the needs of the project. The beauty of the pole barn or post frame building is that they can be built on several types of foundations. The structure is also adaptable to different climatic events and even local site conditions.

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Basic Pole Barn Construction

Post-frame structures take less time to build, therefore this means a reduced cost. The large frame is able to handle great loads and can also save on the amount of material used overall. When constructing there is the use of columns or posts which are placed typically about 8 feet on center. These poles are each buried some 4 to 6 feet deep into the ground to provide support. It is these posts that are the main vertical framing element in the post-frame structure, and they are connected with sidewall girts.

metal building with interior framing This spacing then provides more room for insulation and effectively lowers the cost of heating and cooling. The buildings are generally clear span so there is also no need for any interior support walls, but you’re free to customize it however you wish. The exterior options are also wider and there can be any type of finish installed on a post-frame structure. Whether a modern or traditional look is desired, it is possible.


orange pole barn home The posts of the pole barn structure are anchored at least four feet into the ground (just below the frost line if you’re in a cold climate to avoid heaving). This means that any environmental pressure to the building will be transferred to the ground. These include the impact of strong wind forces or snow loads or even ground force soil conditions as well.  In many areas with the changes in season, the soil will either expand or contract. These seasonal changes will not impact the pole barns as compared to the stick building with the need for a continuous foundation. In a stick-frame building, the point of weakness can also happen at the hinge joint, as the efficient transfer of pressure does not happen.

The spacing of each truss in a pole barn is usually wider to that of those in the stick-building. Some designs show that the trusses on a pole barn can be over eight feet in distance and support significant loads.

white barn building These metal barn building packages also makes use of fewer building components as compared to that of the stick-frame. Along with this is the benefit of using prefabricated materials which are all done in a factory and just delivered to the site for installation. This is less likely in a stick frame building process. Of course, the benefit here is that there is less on-site labor needed and the turnaround times much shorter.

The pole barn is indeed a simple building concept and yet it is superior in its durability.

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