Metal Hangar Buildings

metal hangar buildings

The aviation industry has been growing by leaps and bounds with modern technology. The speed and the capability of the planes have improved significantly. But with that, one question has remained: where do you store all of those planes?

They are not cheap equipment that can be placed anywhere, and ample space is necessary. This started the hunt for the perfect hanger. But throughout history, metal hangar buildings have proven to be the most famous ones.

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Here is why metal buildings make ideal aircraft hangers.

Unobstructed Free Space

inside aircraft hangar The best thing about a metal hanger building is that it has unobstructed, free interior space. Because of the strength of steel beams or arch steel structures, the need for support columns and pillars is no longer there. This means that aircraft with large wingspans can easily be stored in metal hangar buildings without it being crowded. Also, the repair and maintenance crew can quickly move around without any hindrance.

Low Cost

Metal buildings cost less in total because of a variety of factors. Looking at the initial costs, it is clear that not many construction materials or labor work are required. Then there is the fact that the building material is incredibly durable and resilient, so it does not need much maintenance and will last for a long time. The infrastructure also helps to reduce energy consumption. In short, a metal aircraft hangar will save a lot of money in the long run.

Safe Storage

Aircraft are not exactly cheap. Whether it’s a private air jet or a commercial/military one, all the precautions must be taken to avoid any mishap. Consequently, the place where they are being stored should also be as safe as possible. Metal hanger buildings are durable, resilient, can bear a lot of pressure, and are fire-resistant. In short, such infrastructures are the safest possible storage for aircraft of any type.

Extra Space Can Be Easily Added

arch quonset construction There is no limit to how much space you can add to an existing metal building. This is valued in the commercial or army/ governmental sector. The chances are that number of planes will increase in the future, so there should always be a possibility of adding more space with ease.


Here is the thing. Aircraft are not a commonly used transportation. Instead, heavy-duty machines can cause an incredible amount of damage if not handled properly. But metal hanger buildings can endure those accidents and come out on the other side without much damage.

Provide Best Protection

three bay metal aircraft hangarAircraft are resilient, as they are built to endure heavy-duty tasks. But they still need protection from many things, including extreme weather conditions, ultraviolet light, etc. The metal hanger buildings are durable and reliable enough to give the aircraft the necessary protection it needs.

Environmental Friendly

Metal hanger buildings are sustainable, reduce energy consumption, require less building materials, are repurposed, and most importantly, the amount of waste produced during the construction process is considerably less. All of this reduces the carbon footprint of the building, which makes these structures incredibly environmentally friendly.

What Types Of Planes Can Be Stored in Metal Aircraft Hanger?

quonset airplane hangars Almost all planes can be stored in metal hangar buildings and the assorted equipment. The list includes but is not limited to:

  • Helicopters
  • Small and large private jets
  • Commercial aircraft
  • Military jets
  • Gliders
  • Aircraft repair and maintenance equipment

What Are Things Needed To Be Considered For A Metal Aircraft Hanger?

Everything, including sufficient lighting, ventilation system, flooring, types of doors, etc.

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