Do You Need Steel Building Insulation?

steel building insulation options
At times in an effort to keep costs down during the construction phase, some people may decide to go without steel building insulation. However, depending on the purpose of your building, it may be quite important to do the insulation process as it can benefit you down the road. Whether it’s a steel home, an office, medical center, warehouse or even manufacturing plant, it may be wise to consider insulation.

Do I Need Insulation? Is It That Important?

If the steel building is in a territory with considerable temperature fluctuations, then it may be wise to have insulation. Is the steel building being used as a storage warehouse or even as a production plant? Then it will need insulation. If the steel building is located in a high humidity area then you will likely need insulation.

Here Are Some Of The Benefits

Moisture Control

Insulating the steel building can assist in reducing any moisture that can impact the overall lifespan of the structure. For example, moisture can also result in building corrosion and rust. Further to this, moisture can cause mildew and mold to linger inside of the building and negatively impact the indoor air quality. 

If you insulate your building, you can stabilize the internal temperature and also control any moisture.

Temperature Control

orange pole barn home Insulation can also provide the benefit of enabling a consistent internal temperature. The amount of internal heat loss during the cooler months is significantly lower, as a quick example. This is so since you now have the insulation in the steel building. The same principle goes for cooling the building during the warmer months. This is beneficial for homes and offices and for a person’s comfort level. Storage areas and warehouse structures that have contents that need a consistently stable temperature, this is important.

Cost Management

When a steel building is insulated, you can cool and heat your internal space efficiently. Since the insulation helps keep the internal temperature consistent, then the amount of energy used is reduced. This is a savings plus, since a well installed and designed insulation system acts to lower energy consumption. This reduces energy cost and also works to help protect the environment.

Noise Control And Privacy

Once the insulation in your steel building is properly done, it reduces the noise levels. The material will absorb the emitted sound. Therefore if the steel building is being used as a manufacturing plant, the insulation can also help to keep manage the noise emitted to the area. This can also help for those that need confidential and private areas and reduce sound or noise leakage. This could potentially also help employee morale.

Some Types of Steel Building Insulation 

The Radiant Barrier Insulation

radiant insulation rollThis type of insulation consists of a highly reflective material that functions by reflecting radiant heat instead of absorbing it. If you opt for the radiant barrier form of insulation, then it is wise to install outer steel panels between the support beams and boards.

Spray Foam Insulation

spray foam insulationThis type of insulation is perfect for colder climates. It does not hold nor does it collect any moisture. This type of insulation is also eco-friendly. It works by trapping air into very tiny bubbles when it is sprayed in the barrier space. The small air bubbles in the foam as it hardens act to create an insulation barrier. This is also a great barrier to keep any insects and pests out.

Fiberglass Insulation

This is also a popular option that many use to retain heat in their steel buildings. Fiberglass is effective and less costly, but it can still absorb some moisture and attract bugs. This form of insulation can be installed as batts and rolls or as a loose-fill. Fiberglass insulation slows the spread of heat, the cold and also sound transfer. Be mindful that it slows it but does not stop it completely. Always ensure that the fiberglass is certified for high effectiveness in steel buildings. Consider including a vapor barrier as well to lower moisture.

Insulated Panels

steel insulated panelsIf you’re building a straight-wall steel building then insulated panels may be an option for you. This type of insulation looks like standard steel wall cladding, but actually has a layer of insulation built into it.

Next Step

Ideally, it is important to have a chat with your preferred contractor and manufacturer. This will help you work through the best form of insulation for your steel building. This can also mean mix or hybrid forms of insulation for your structure. A professional can assist you in saving money, as you work towards insulating your building.