Your Future Building Should be a Steel Building

your future building

There are many different types of building materials. One of the best materials you can use for any structure is steel. Steel buildings have numerous benefits when compared to other structural materials. Here are 11 reasons why your future building should be made out of steel.

1. Better Value

When you choose steel for your future buildings, there’s a better chance it will retain its value over time. You can have a steel structure last two decades without much maintenance. Many steel structures come with long-term warranties. You don’t get these long-term warranties when working with wood structures because they simply don’t last over the long-term without a lot of maintenance and care.

2. Easy to Assemble and Use

quonset animationWhen you decided to work with steel, it’s easy to ship to you and put together. You won’t have to worry about the construction of your steel building. You can order the exact parts that you need from the manufacturer. Everything is also quite customizable to your exact preferences. There are many pre-made buildings, but you can also buy different pieces and put something together yourself.

3. Less Maintenance

A steel building structure doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. You don’t have to add paint to the outside of a steel structure like you do one made with wood. Another problem with wood structures can be the presence of mold. Steel resists mold, fungi, mildew, and other growth. There is no splitting, warping, or rotting when you use steel. It will not twist or otherwise disintegrate overtime. It takes a lot longer for steel to actually have problems with it when compared to wood. When you have a wooden structure, you can have other issues such as problems with the doors or the windows. Wood structures require a lot more repair and maintenance when you compare them to steel buildings. This will save you a lot of money or the long run.

4. Versatility

quonset hut garagesIt’s rare for a building to have just one purpose and even rarer for its function not to change over years of use. Steel buildings offer incredible versatility and flexibility for whatever you have in store for it. Most steel buildings require no internal posts or columns so there’s a large free-span space for you to use as you see fit.

5. Your Insurance Rates Are Reduced

Steel buildings are quite durable. They resist high wind, snow, earthquakes, termites, heavy rains, fire, lightning, and mold better than other types of building material. This means that your insurance company is going to give you a better rate when you have a structure that is made with high-quality steel. There are not as many risks to the insurance company when you have a building made out of steel.

6. Insulation Cost-Savings

metal building insulation Another benefit to steel buildings is that you’ll save that money in insulation costs. Many steel buildings, so they used for garages, warehouses, aviation, agriculture, and storage won’t need air conditioning or heat if the climate is mild. Where there is a need for climate control steel frames are a good solution. Metal buildings that are pre-engineered have deep wall cavities, and this gives more room for energy-efficient insulation.

7. Better Foundation and Addition Options

building on a foundation When you work with wood, you need a lot of individual pieces for the frame, drywall, etc. All of this adds weight to the foundation. You will have settling and other issues with your foundation. When you use steel, the total weight can be much lower. This means that the foundation is going to be more stable over the long-term when compared to a wooden structure. If you plan it to change the structure, later on, there are pre-engineered steel buildings that make your remodeling tasks a lot easier. You can simply add pieces to the original structure. When you work with wood you have extensive renovations that you must do to get the new areas of the structure in place.

8. Good for the Environment

You might be surprised to learn that steel buildings are a surprisingly green building method. Your building will eventually reach the end of their life cycle, but they can be recycled. Steel can be turned into scrap quite easily and then reused again. If you have a concern for the environment steel is the way to go because it is so easy to recycle.

9. Low Fire Risk

When you’re working with steel you also have fewer safety concerns. Since steel doesn’t burn you don’t have to worry about fire like you do with wood. This makes a steel structure of a better choice for storing expensive items such as cars since there is less of a risk of fire danger to a steel structure.

10. Pest & Termite Resistant

For most of the country, termites are a major factor when determining building material. It is estimated that each year, 5 billion dollars is spent on just termite control for wooden structures. Wood structures are highly susceptible to termite and other wood-eating pests. Steel buildings on the other hand are 100% rodent resistant and termite resistant. There’s not a termite alive who can eat through a steel building. This keeps both the investment in your building safe, as well as whatever you’re storing inside.

You won’t have to apply chemicals to the outside of the structure to remove pests. Termites can’t eat into the steel, but when you have a wood structure, termites are an ongoing problem.

11. The Amazing Quonset Hut

industrial quonset garage One of the most common steel buildings are Quonset Hut kits, and these are very easy to put together. It will take a small team of workers just one weekend to put together one of these huts. They are affordable, and they have it virtually no cost in terms of maintenance. They can be priced according to your local building codes so that you are in compliance. these huts have a wide range of uses such as livestock or for storing equipment. They are also easy to insulate so you can use them year-round. You can take one of these huts and expanded in the future if you need extra room.

Make the Right Choice for Your Future Building

It’s easy to see that steel buildings provide many benefits as your building type. You have fewer maintenance costs when working with steel buildings. Very easy to put together and highly customizable. You don’t have to worry about things such as pests or the weather as much when you deal with steel buildings. They provide exceptional value when compared to wooden structures or structures made out of other materials. Steel is the perfect material for your building so you should consider using it today.