Livestock Shelters

livesetock shelters
Livestock shelters are an essential part of livestock operations. They help keep your investment, be it cattle, horses, pigs, goats, sheep or more, protected and healthy. Determining what type of material is best for shelter is the first thing you need to figure out.

There are many materials for the shelter buildings, but here, we are going to discuss metal livestock shelter.

Price a Metal Livestock Building

Perfect Shelters For Livestock

small steel garageThese shelters are used to protect livestock from the harsh elements of the weather. That includes sunlight, rain, hail, windstorms, cold, and heat. And not just that, these cattle shelters are there to give protection to animals from predators. In short, a shelter is a perfect place for the animals to give birth, wait out the storms, whether the cold and heat, and sleep in peace, protected from the outside elements. All of that demands a durable material, and metal is one of the most durable materials available right now. So why not have the shelter buildings made of metal? It will give perfect shelter to chickens, goats, sheep, cows, even horses, llamas, and buffaloes.

Metal Livestock Shelter Vs. Wooden Livestock Shelter

When comparing livestock shelters made of metal to wooden ones, you can see the benefits clearly from the beginning. First of all, metal is durable. Much more durable, as metallic shelters last for pretty much for a lifetime. A good building can withstand a whole lot of snow and wind load. Also, you don’t have to provide as much upkeep, maintenance, and repair as you have to do in the wooden ones. And replacement is very rare.

A wooden shelter is susceptible to fires, mildew, and termites. But you don’t have to fear that with the metal. It is durable, beautiful, and can be easily modified. All in all, metal livestock shelters become much more appealing and affordable when you factor in everything compared to wooden shelters.

Construction Of Metal Livestock Shelters:

quonset foundationFirst of all, the area has to be prepared for the shelter building. For that purpose, the floor is made flat to pour the foundations. Now foundations and floors themselves can be made of concrete, but they have to be set in such a way to allow for the metallic frame to stand. The assembly of the whole structure is done on the spot. A simple structure of metallic rods is created from support, and the sheets are assembled over it to complete everything. All the windows and doors are added, and everything is secured with nuts and bolts. In the end, a metallic cladding is added to complete everything. Keep in mind that the metal of the cladding is more resilient.

The ceilings of these shelters are vertically sloped or peaked, just like a house ceiling. The roof is supported with braces, and the paneling runs from top to bottom. The ceiling itself is a bit sloped because a sloped ceiling helps get rid of rainwater, unwanted debris, snow, precipitation, etc., without giving it a chance to pool on top of the building.

Benefits Of Metal Livestock Shelters:

agricultural quonset livestock shelter Other than what we have mentioned above? Let’s list them down, shall we?


Metal is durable. A cattle shelter made of metal will last for a lifetime and can easily stand the harsh elements of weather.


Metal shelter buildings are safe from fires, mildew, and termites. They also keep away any unwanted critters like mice, raccoons, etc. They can also withstand heavy pressure from dangerous predators.

Need For Maintenance And Upkeep Is Low:

The metal does not need to be cleaned or maintained regularly. They also do not require heavy maintenance, repair. And replacement is also very rare.


When you factor in all these benefits, you will realize that metal livestock shelters cost you much less on the whole compared to a wooden shelter. A wooden shelter requires heavy maintenance and needs to be replaced after every 15 to 20 years. But metal one costs much less, and on top of that, it is very beautiful and can be easily modified. So, in conclusion, you will get the best of it in the option of a metal shelter building.

Price a Metal Livestock Shelter