Steel Outbuildings

quonset steel outbuildings

Outbuildings often need to serve multiple functions and be incredibly durable. You’ll find that steel outbuildings serve both of these needs flawlessly.

Their rigid steel construction uses an internal steel framing system that’s then covered in steel cladding. The cladding comes pre-painted from the factory so you can customize the building to suit your style or match existing buildings.

Thanks to its steel durable steel construction, future maintenance costs are virtually non-existent. Strong steel beams are able to span larger expanses than wood so you can also get 100% clear-span space. That means no columns to obstruct whatever you plan to use your steel buildings for.

Custom Sized Outbuildings

metal hay barn roof These steel buildings are factory-manufactured and engineered for your specifications. Whatever your size requirements are, they can accommodate it, but some standard sizes include:

  • Small Equipment or Car Garage – 12’x20’x12′
  • Double Garage or Workshop – 24’x24’x11′
  • Small Barn – 30’x40’x14′


Manufactured DIY Design

Save time and frustration with easy-to-build steel outbuilding kits. Buildings are engineered for your size requirements, and shipped to your site, and most offer simple bolt-together DIY construction.


Save Money Now & Later

steel pole barn kits There are three financial considerations to take into account when budgeting for your building.

  • First, are the upfront costs to order the building. Steel buildings are not always the cheapest option in this regard, but that’s understandable given that you’re getting 100% hard steel as opposed to timber.
  • The next expense is the actual cost of construction. Construction costs are particularly low as building panels and frames are pre-cut, drilled, and ready to be bolted when they arrive on site.
  • The final cost is long-term upkeep. These are costs such as replacing rotting beams, dealing with termite damage, etc. Thankfully, steel outbuildings aren’t subject to any of these issues as steel is impenetrable to pests as well as mold or rot. Rust is always an initial concern when dealing with steel, but if you do a little research you’ll find that most pre-painted panels come with warranties that are decades long.