Steel Buildings in Texas

steel buildings in texas

Whether you're looking for a garage to hold your toys or a livestock barn, there's a steel building kit for you. The affordability and durability of metal buildings in Texas has made them an ideal choice for commercial, industrial, or residential use.

There are two main types of steel buildings in Texas, each with their own set of benefits. You can request a free no-obligation quote for either style using the quote request form.

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Rigid Frame

steel buildings

  • Widths 25' to 150'+
  • Lengths 30' to 150'+
  • Internal steel framing
  • Pre-painted panels & trim
  • Great for larger garages or commercial purposes
  • Easily customizable with a variety of windows/doors, vents & More

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Quonset Huts

quonset huts

  • Widths 25' to 150'+
  • Lengths 30' to 150'+
  • Bolt-together construction
  • Pre cut & drilled
  • Available in a variety of different profiles
  • Pre-painted arches available

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Benefits of Steel Buildings

steel buildings The main benefit of using a steel building in Texas is that you will have an affordable building that is made out of a dependable, solid material. The prefabricated components that are used to build a metal structure have several advantages.

  • Cost - You reduce your labor and you can save around 30% or more when you compare it to traditional construction methods.
  • Speed - You can begin operation in around 60 to 90 days. Many other structures take around 6 months or longer before operations can begin.
  • Dependable - your structure doesn't require a lot of maintenance or repainting. When you construct a steel building they will last around 30 to 50 years depending upon the manufacturer that you used.
  • Environmentally friendly - Steel buildings are considered to be environmentally friendly. It doesn't take a lot of energy to create them and recycling them is easy. The most recycled material on earth is steel because it's expensive to manufacture it.
  • Insurance is reduced - When you construct a steel structure you will most likely find that you have lower insurance rates when you compare this to a brick or wood construction.
  • Durable - Steel buildings don't typically suffer from leaks, shrinkage, or swells that climate change causes and they are non-combustible. that impact the structure or having pests such as termites eat through the material.

Texas Building Resources

This resource list will help you make the right building decision for your needs. If you know of something else which may be helpful, please let us know and we'll add it below.

Termite Information & High-Risk Areas - There are a variety of Termite species plaguing Texas. Fortunately, steel buildings are impervious to Termites and a great choice if you want a building that will last. This link contains a list of high-risk termite areas within Texas along with additional information to help you decide if a steel building is necessary.

Texas Building Codes - Be sure to ask your steel building representative about building codes for your area as factory engineers can modify buildings to ensure they pass. If you want to review the codes yourself, the link above will provide you with the resources needed.

FEMA Texas Flood Map - While most of Texas is more prone to drought than flooding, some coastal locations need to take floods into account. This interactive map from FEMA can let you know if your build site is at risk. Metal buildings are great for flood-prone regions as they don't swell and harness mold like drywall or wood-framed buildings.

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