Steel Buildings in Florida

Ideal for Garages, Barns, Shops, Offices, Warehouses & More

Durable steel buildings have become increasingly popular in Florida due to an increase in hurricanes and violent storms. Steel buildings are an ideal choice thanks to their 100% metal construction, ability to be customized, and warranties.

Steel buildings come in two main types and virtually any size, but some popular sizes and uses in Florida include:

Arch Quonsets

quonset huts

Arch buildings, or Quonset Huts features pre-cut and drilled arches which are easily bolted together. They provide incredible strength and were first used by the US Navy. Today they're most commonly used for garages, workshops, barns and storage. Learn More >

Rigid Frame

steel buildings

These buildings feature a rigid internal frame with steel cladding on the outside. They're popular for both residential and commercial uses. You can customize the building for your needs and select colors for your style. Learn More >

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quonset hut man cavesLooking for a DIY steel building in Florida with easy assembly?

Quonset huts come in factory-cut and drilled panels which are bolted together to form the building. There's no experience necessary and a group of friends can typically put them up in a weekend.

Top Reasons Floridians Buy Steel Buildings

There are dozens of reasons to choose a prefabricated steel building kit. Here are a few of the main reasons they've become so popular in Florida.

Toughness and Endurance

steel buildings One of the toughest construction methods available anywhere is pre-engineered steel buildings. Steel structures are hurricane-resistant and are useful in areas and where flooding might be a problem. Compared to wood, steel is much more resistant to fire and this is vital if you live where wildfires are prevalent in summer. Pre-engineered steel buildings can withstand earthquakes, high winds, and its paint stands up to sunshine.

The pre-engineered steel building designers will find the proper building codes and loads for your specific area so that you will get the strongest possible building for your location. Before you make the final purchase, find out about warranties since the quality and type of steel will vary from one company to another. Always go for a 50-year plus warranty for your steel building. Never go with cheap steel for your building, since it might cost you more in the end and there are also safety concerns.

Termite and Mold Resilience

termites and wood buildings Using your money efficiently should be a top priority. Florida is home to all 3 major termite types and a humid climate so the costs to repair mold and termite damage could escalate quickly. It actually costs the average homeowner around $3,000 to get rid of an infestation of termites. It could be a challenge to get all that money together at once and the damage goes beyond your wallet. Your house could possibly collapse if you don't treat the termite problem.

Mold feeds on the organic material in the wood, which weakens the structure. The spores released into the air by mold could result in irritated lungs and make other breathing conditions much worse. What is the best way to avoid the two problems? Build a pre-engineered steel structure. Since steel is inorganic, it is resistant to both termites and mold. When first-time builders buy a pre-engineered steel building, they are getting the most bang for the money they are spending and they can pocket that extra $3,000 when they don't have to deal with termites or mold.

Florida Building Resources

Getting the information needed when planning a new building, can be difficult. Below is a list of resources for Floridians looking to construct a new building.

Map of Termite Distribution in Florida - Since steel buildings are termite-proof, they make an ideal choice in areas which a high chance of infestation. This is especially true of cities on the east coast like Miami and Fort Lauderdale which features all three types of Termites in the USA.

Florida Building Codes - Unfortunately getting a copy of the building codes is not free. You can purchase a copy at the International Code Council and even choose a digital monthly subscription for around $5 for a month.

FEMA Florida Flood Map - This interactive map shows historical flooding activity throughout Florida. Enter your address at the top to check your own location. Steel buildings can serve you well in high flood risk areas since there's no drywall or framing to swell and get moldy.

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