Steel Buildings in California

Steel buildings have become quite popular in California due to their ease of construction, affordability and earthquake resistance.

steel buildings in california

There are two types of steel buildings to choose from:

Straight Wall

steel buildings

Straight-wall steel buildings have a more traditional look with completely vertical walls and a peaked, or single sloped roof. They're common in commercial or industrial circles, but smaller versions can also be used for residential garages, workshops & storage.

These buildings are easily customized and prefabricated at the factory and sent to your site in a 'kit'. Learn More >

Arch Quonsets

quonset huts

Quonset huts, or arch steel buildings are ideal for smaller residential or commercial purposes like garages, workshops, storage or even barns. The panels come pre-cut and drilled for simple bolted assembly.

You can request pre-painted panels and since the end walls aren't load-bearing, it's easy to customize them for your needs with whatever doors and windows are desired. Learn More >

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How A Typical Steel Building Project Progresses

  1. types of metal buildings Pricing - The first step is to provide a few details about your needs and requirements using the form above, then receiving free no-obligation quotes to find a building that meets your budget and choose a provider.
  2. Design - Before you can proceed with work you need to outline the size in the shape of the structure. You need to know what interior walls you're going to use and the type of the roof that will be placed on it. You need to know the location of doors, and the number of each that you want. you need to take into account any cosmetic enhancement or extras that you're going to place on the facade.
  3. Engineering - Once you have paid a deposit and you have a basic design completed then you need Blueprints and specifications drawn up by an engineer for your structure. blueprints specify the loads the building has to withstand to meet codes, and, the materials that should be used in construction.
  4. Fabrication and delivery - Once you've signed off under the blueprints then the production is going to begin. At a factory, the roof panels, sides, girders, post, beans and fasteners that are going to hold your building together will be produced. Once everything has been made it will be shipped to your construction site. Parts will be pre-cut to the dimensions that you need, they will be pre-drilled and ready to be put together. This step will take around three to six weeks.
  5. steel building doors Site Work -While your components are going through construction preparation at the building site can begin. A steel building will require a foundation and this is usually done with poured concrete.
  6. Construction - Once the foundation is ready and the components have arrived then the construction process will begin. If this is for a quonset style steel building then the construction is comprised of bolting together and erecting the arches. If it's a straight wall steel building then this requires the assembly of the interior steel framing, then bolting on the exterior cladding.
  7. Finish Work - Interior walls, insulation, doors, exterior finishes, windows, Plumbing, and other finishing work is done to finalize your structure and make it something beautiful.
  8. Walkthrough - Once the structure is completed then a building inspector has to walk through it. This is done on any construction project.

California Building Info

Here are a few things to take into consideration when determing if a steel building is right for you, as well as the right specifications for your building.

California Earthquake Zone Map - The strength of steel buildings can make them a good choice for earthquake prone regions in California. Check this interactive map to see if you fall along a fault-line, or problem area. You can also ask your building representative if there are any specific building codes to take into consideration.

California Building Codes - Getting a personal copy of the California building codes is not free, but you can purchase a copy at this link or find a nearby municipal location where you can view a copy free of charge. Keep in mind that part of the beauty of steel buildings is that you may not need to know the codes yourself. Most building providers have a team of engineers behind them who can handle the research for you.

Live Wildfire Map - This live interactive map shows active fires and fire watch regions throughout the state. Steel buildings can be a good solution if you're in a region with a high chance of fire. Understandably, steel holds up much better than wood buildings in fires.

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