What is a Steel Buildings Cost Per Square Foot?

steel building cost square foot

When shopping for a steel building, you aren’t likely to find any prices listed. The reason for that is that these buildings are engineered for local codes and as such, the gauge of steel used needs to be taken into consideration. But, what is a steel building cost per square foot? If you’re looking for an accurate quote, you can get free pricing here. Otherwise, for a ballpark number, the average price of a steel building generally ranges between $15-$25 per SQFT.

Square foot prices tend to decrease as the size of the steel building increases. Another factor that can keep your prices down is choosing standard size buildings. What is considered standard? Sizes such as – 80′ x 100′, 60′ x 100′, 50′ x 80′, 50′ x 50′, 60’x 40′, 30′ x 40′ to name a few. Therefore, selecting irregular sizes such as 47′ x 33′ can lead to higher costs.

Calculating Square Foot Cost

When calculating the square foot (SQFT, SF, sq ft) cost, consider several factors.

steel building plans To start with, you should select a style of building that is in line with your taste and preference. Rigid frame or straight-walled steel buildings feature a more traditional look with a peaked roof and straight sidewalls.

A Quonset hut features arched walls and roof and can save you up to 30% on construction for small to mid-sized buildings.

The average cost of materials for medium-sized steel buildings ranges from $9 per square foot for significant buildings like 80×100 and rises to $12 per Sq. Ft. for a small 30×40 steel building. The prices represent the building shell only. You will have to account for delivery costs, accessories such as windows and doors, and the steel structure’s labor charges.

steel buildings cost If you’re looking to finish the building for residential use, you can expect to add $20 -$80 per square foot for finishing and fittings to make it a comfortable home. Depending on building specifications, location, and optional grades, the prices might vary.

Typically, you can add 5-10% for delivery charges, 10-30% for accessories to acquire a reasonably accurate cost before installing the kit.

If you construct the steel building yourself, you will eliminate the labor cost. Keep in mind that average or smaller-sized buildings will cost much more than buildings with a larger finished size. In some instances, the cost of labor ranges between $5 to $10 per sq ft.

Arch Quonset building Costs

Arch buildings are another option in prefab structures.

quonset huts buildings Quonset hut garages and other buildings are quite durable even when compared with heavy red-iron steel structures because of the extra stability of the arch. Also, they are relatively simple to assemble, durable and have arched roofs. Materials for arch buildings are less costly and start from $8 per square foot, with less labor, delivery, and accessories.

Site Location Considerations

In addition, consider the location of the building and whether you will have to lay the foundation and a floor before completing the installation. There are other site specifics that can impact the cost of your build, including:

  • Type of soil and type of foundation needed in your area
  • Is this an area of typical seismic activity?
  • Are you in an area with heavy snow or a flood-prone area?

When constructing smaller structures less than 5,000SF, you can save $5-$10 per square foot labor cost if you do it yourself. The steel building kits come with detailed installation instructions and necessary hardware. For more prominent buildings, the savings could easily equate to upwards of $20,000 – $50,000.

We can simplify getting suppliers for your steel building by allowing you to select the vendor who is best suited to your budget and needs. For more information, contact us today.