Metal Buildings

metal buildings

Metal buildings are perfect for building projects of all sizes. They’re versatile, durable and won’t break your budget!
Metal construction is a good choice when you need a low maintenance, long-lasting building. From small single car garages or 10k sq ft warehouses, a metal building can be customized to meet your requirements.

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What types of Metal Buildings are there?

In the world of metal buildings, there are three major types of structures. These are the Arch or Quonset style, I-Beams, and light framed structures. We’ll review them below

Quonset/Arch Metal Buildings

quonset hut garageQuonset hut buildings that have a distinctive arch-shape, though some models curve on the outside to blend in more with traditional peaked roofs. The building is comprised of individual metal arches that are assembled on site and bolted together. This allows them to be constructed by DIYers.

These self-supporting structures can be built from 16 feet wide up 150ft long. When you get into widths of 50 feet or more, often it can make sense to go with a metal framed building instead as it can be more cost effective for larger spans. To learn about quonset buildings click here.

Metal I-Beam Buildings

i beam steel building garageThis type of metal building is constructed using a rigid frame made of large steel “I” beams. Named “I Beams” due to their letter I shape. Often this frame material will be painted with a red iron oxide paint, but you can also get them custom colors. This internal frame is then covered with metal sheeting in a color of your choice. This gives it a more traditional style construction, appearance.

I-Beam construction is generally more suited to larger sized structures. While they can be built to almost any dimensions, the strength is typically more than what is required for a building under 40 feet wide. In those cases it’s more cost-effective to go with a light frame metal building or c-channel.

I-beam structures are a popular choice for:

  • Warehouses
  • Factories
  • Industrial
  • Large agricultural buildings
  • Airplane hangars

Light Frame Metal Building or C-Channel Building

light frame metal barn buildingLight frame steel buildings are often a perfect solution for residential use or smaller commercial or agricultural buildings. Unlike heavy i-beams, the internal framing is made of holow metal tubes, or metal bent into a ‘c’ shape to give it added regidity. These lighter beams are easier to manage and make it possible to erect most buildings without cranes or other heavy equipment.

If you see a prefabricated garage, or other smaller building kit that’s priced without engineering required, then it’s most likely a light frame metal building.

Metal Building Pictures

Here are a few images to help you envision your next project.

Why Choose a Metal Building?

Construction Time

Metal buildings offer more time-efficient construction than traditional construction methods. This is mainly because most, if not all components are pre-cut and drilled at the factory. When a kit arrives on site, your construction team simply needs to bolt things together, saving time cutting and measuring.

Customized for Your Needs

From dimensions to colors, insulation, windows, vents, mezzanines and more, you can customize a steel building so that it’s perfect for your needs.


The cost savings of a metal building adds up. First you get a great all-in-one price on your building kit as opposed to having to piece out materials from different sources. Next, components are prefabricated at the factory to save you construction labor costs. Then you save long-term by having a building with lower maintenance costs and typically lower insurance costs as well.Price Buildings offers a free metal building price calculator.

Durable & Long Lasting

If you need a durable building that will last for decades, then a metal steel building is a smart choice. Both arch style quonsets and straight wall buildings are engineered to stand up to heavy winds, snow, and whatever may come. They’re also both constructed of 100% steel which as you know is a very strong building material when compared with traditional wood construction.

Fire Resistance

Metal happens to be fire-resistant. Therefore, it can protect assets from buyer accidents (wood structures offer no such protection).

Rot and Pest Proof

Unlike wood, metal is inherently rot-free and resistant to mold and other damaging factors. The metal is also impervious to pests like wood boring bugs, ants, mice and termites. While it’s true that bugs could sneak in cracks if they exist, a well sealed building will keep your valuables safe from these external pests.

Low Maintenance

Conventional wooden structures warrant ongoing maintenance (leakage repairs, damp proofing, paint, etc.). Conversely, metal structures are treated in a certain way that prolongs their longevity and requires little if any maintenance over the medium term.

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