The Quonset Hut is Important for Today’s Housing Solutions

quonset hut homes
Not to be taken for granted that everyone knows what it is, we’ll still define the quonset structure. The quonset hut is a type of building made of corrugated metal, and which also has a semi-circular cross section, particularly the roof. They are usually prefabricated and tend to be lightweight yet durable under various weather and environmental conditions.

Why would anyone want to choose to live in a Quonset?

front wall of steel homeWell, for the most part, these structures were widely used during wartime which suggests that they can practically handle anything. Along with this, the quonset hut is known as one of the strongest buildings around. There is also a reasonable cost associated with building a quonset hut, especially since the current housing market is quite uncertain. This is a plus as well, as there is very little maintenance needed, as compared to traditionally built wood buildings. Naturally, the finishing touches are based on the respective tastes of the occupants, and this can go from minimalist to quite extravagant.

Consider Your Budget

There are of course various prices which you will hear thrown around when you consider your quonset hut journey. It is important to have these prices qualified, as everything which needs to be considered while building a home has to be taken into account.

  • Will you have a foundation?
  • How about where your quonset is going to be located?
  • What size quonset hut cabin are you thinking of having?
  • Accessories? Finishes? Insulation?

Generally a broad cost guide can range from $5 – $15 per square foot for the quonset hut cabin.

The Cabin

As you dream and start your plan of living in your quonset hut cabin, you have the latitude that the interior space is 100% usable. There are no restricting walls and this means that you can dream of designing your interior to suit your personal flair. The color for you, the proud homeowner is totally up to your specific requirement as well. The entire building can be transformed as desired.

quonset homeThe quonset hut cabin is a fully customizable living space, and this means that you have the ability to design the interior to add rooms as needed. These rooms can be done as per your size requirements. The number of rooms is totally up to you. Should you want to install a loft or mezzanine, to add some functional practicality as well, the quonset cabin gives you enough flexibility that you can easily do so.

The Benefit

Cost – As you build your quonset hut, the time taken as compared to the traditionally built structure is much less. A traditionally built home can take months, while the quonset hut can be built and ready to move in, in as little as a few weeks. This is a cost saving and a time saving as well, since variables such as labor, workforce issues and supply and equipment logistics are nominal for quonset hut homes when compared to a traditionally built home.

No Pest – No termite pest to worry about for steel quonset hut cabins. The primary material is metal. This will therefore translate into lower maintenance. Additionally there would be no issue of molds of which to be concerned.

Customizable Structure – The addition of a front or back porch can be done without compromising the structural integrity nor too much hassle. Having sliding doors or windows and skylights and even including clerestory lights all do a lot to give you that personalized touch.

Strength – The quonset hut cabin is also preferred as a home due to its proven strength. The gauge of metal used is what contributes to this. Along with this, the metal is treated so that it is rust resistant. Therefore you have a long lasting structure as a home. The quonset style also provides the ability to stand up against snow and heavy wind, blizzards and earthquakes.

Can You Live In A Quonset Hut Cabin?

The short answer? Yes. You’d be in an environmentally friendly structure as metal is also a recyclable material. It is affordable, low maintenance, and will last for quite some time. Added to this is the flexibility of finishes both interior and exterior and aesthetics, which are totally up to you. One of the first steps however is to have a chat with your nearest contractor or quonset hut manufacturer to get going with your creative ideas for your next home.