Quonset Hut Cabins

quonset hut cabins

Quonset hut cabins are a great solution for anyone looking for an affordable, durable, and yet customizable structure. Quonsets have been used by the military for years and are becoming even more popular as cabins. They are made from corrugated metal and can be easily customized to meet your needs. Quonset huts/cabins are a great alternative to traditional homes and can be used for various purposes. Whether long or short-term rental, even as an Airbnb or as a cozy place for the family.

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What Is a Quonset Hut – Cabin?

quonset hut garageA Quonset hut is a prefabricated building made from corrugated metal. They were originally used by the military but became popular as cabins and homes. Quonset huts are very affordable, durable, and can be customized to meet your needs. There is simplicity in the construction process and the strength of these cabins, allows them to withstand snow and hurricane-force winds during those times.

These huts and cabins are also popular since the interior is 100% clear span allowing the homeowner to also easily customize their floor plan, with no obstruction. If your hut comes as a prefab kit, then you cut down significantly on construction cost and also reduce any time lost.

What Sizes Do Quonset Huts & Cabins Come In?

Quonset huts come in a variety of sizes and dimensions. They can be as small as a one-room cabin or as large as a three-bedroom home. Of course if you want a custom-designed hut cabin it is possible. It simply means that you have to find a reputable building supplier to do the job, and going this route means any shape or size can be done to fit your needs. 

Some broad examples of various designs and dimensions are:

  • 4 Bedroom – 40’ x 60’ approx. 2,400 sq ft ~ $21,800
  • 2 Bedroom – 30’ x 40’ approx 1,200 sq ft ~ $12,300
  • Tiny Home – 30′ x 30′ approx 900 sq ft ~ $9,200
  • 3 Bedroom – 30′ x 60′ approx 1,800 sq ft ~ $18,400

Benefits of Quonset Hut Cabin

Wipe Open Space

interior quonset hutThe Quonset hut/cabin design does not contain structural support. This, therefore, offers you a clear-span interior for a wide-open usable space. Flexibility is also here so that as you settle into the space, you can add your furnishings and personal touches over time.

One-stop Shopping

Quonset hut kits are manufactured such that you have everything that you need to create your home. All that would be needed is to ensure that the foundation meets the building requirements and dimensions.  The kit can be installed on an existing foundation by forming a U-shape, and even with the use of bolts.

Fire Resistance

Metal Quonset huts are not easily destroyed by fire. In fact they can even contain an interior fire if one breaks out and keep it from spreading. It requires a lot to really damage a Quonset Hut cabin permanently.


A quonset hut makes full use of recyclable materials. There is no loss or use of wood in constructing the building. They are also known to keep your overall energy cost down with the right insulation. This also means lower cost during the various season.

Long Life Expectancy 

They are made from galvanized steel which is corrosion and rust-resistant. Quonset huts are very durable and can withstand extreme weather conditions. This also means low maintenance and the need for replacement parts and sections is practically non-existant.

Easy Expansion

arch quonset constructionOnce you believe that you may have need for more then it is possible. Simply ensure that your foundation is in place and your building contractor can work with you to show you how to design and expand your hut. Again, since there are no interior walls to worry about, then there is no need for having to break them down. See it more as an add on to your existing hut and enjoy the luxury and convenience of more space.

An Easy Choice

Quonset huts and cabins are one of the better solutions for anyone looking for an affordable, yet durable, and customizable structure. Remember if the military enjoyed the convenience of these structures so can you, with a modern touch. The traditional price of a home is continuously climbing, however that of the quonset hut is pretty much stable.

Price Your Quonset Hut Cabin