Modular Office Buildings

small modular house

Creating a Modular Office Complex

Creating a modular office complex is a great way to increase the flexibility of your building space. The modular nature of this type of structure enables it to be flexible enough to meet your specific needs. For example, you can choose to build several smaller office buildings, or one large, multi-story building. The modular building design allows you to add more office space without changing the footprint of your existing building.

What is a Modular office complex?

Modular office buildings are increasingly being used by businesses. They are not only inexpensive but also flexible. They can be easily extended or have add-ons done, and they can be used to meet the changing needs of any business. The construction process of these structures is fast and easy.

Modular office buildings can range in size from a few separate offices to a full business complex. All the while being used for purposes whether temporary or permanent office space. The ease of this structure is that they can be placed on a surface such as a parking lot, or even gravel bed.

The modular construction process is one where the structure is built in a manufacturing plant. Here the overall structure is created in separate sections known as modules, completed in a highly controlled environment on the assembly line. In the manufacturing plant, the building modules are made to the same building codes, standards and construction materials as those that are site-built.

Furthermore, many modules are pre-wired for electrical and mechanical systems, meaning that inspectors will only need to review the materials and routing once they are in place. This can help you avoid costly delays in the permitting process. Our in-house engineers also ensure that these stringent standards are met in the building codes.

Once completed in the manufacturing plant, the modules are transported to the site destination and assembled together in order to form the building, as designed. This takes a significantly lesser amount of time.

Why Have Modular Construction?

small modular houseThere are a couple of reasons why going modular can significantly benefit you.

The Speed of Construction

During the manufacturing process of the modules in the plant, there can be simultaneous preparation being done on-site, and all ahead of installation. This saves time, as once the modules are delivered, construction can be completed right away onsite. This also means that the construction process is significantly reduced as the impact of weather delays and other factors are now avoided. Completion can be done in up to 40% less time than the traditional site-built structures.

Reduced Building Cost

Since the time of completing the modular structure on site is significantly reduced, then this also translates to a reduction in cost. The compressed schedule from start to finish of the project can mean less expenditure, as material wastage is negated and also any mistakes during construction is minimized. The precision of the manufacturing process also keeps the cost down, and in many cases as much as 25% lower.

Modular Construction Gives An Enhanced Quality

The quality of the modular building is comparable to those of the traditionally site-built structures. In the factory manufacturing, there are significant improvements in quality because of the process as well as greater efficiencies. Additionally there is consistency in the process and even protocols for receiving, rejecting and storage of materials in order to handle any poor or damaged components.

Uses of the Modular Building Structure

Whether for permanent or relocatable purposes, the modular office can work. There have been several industries that have utilized this as a building solution.

You can find modular building complexes whether as a standalone, or as an add-on to existing structures in:

  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality and Housing
  • Commercial Offices and Administrative Spaces
  • Government Complexes and Applications

The modular office is an easy integration into most environments, providing for functionality and flexibility of use. Whether for light structural loads or multiple room and area compartmentalization, yes, it can be done. Added here is that the modular building does not take away from the environment, as it can be dismantled and refurbished and even recycled somewhat for a new or secondary use.

This does not take away from their architectural appeal.