Metal Frame Buildings

metal frame buildings

Metal frame buildings are a popular choice for everything from storage sheds to warehouses to residential housing. These affordable buildings can be built to any size and shape that you need. There are multiple types of metal frame buildings to consider. We’ll discuss some of the benefits of these metal-framed buildings and why you should consider them for your building project!

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Common Uses for Metal Frame Buildings

Metal buildings are incredibly versatile and can be customized for whatever purpose you intend to use it for. There are some uses that this type of building are more commonly used for; those include:

  • Residential Garages – One or Two Car
  • Storage – Whether it’s small garden sheds or large commercial
  • Warehouses
  • Arena buildings – ideal for the large open-span space
  • Industrial buildings – They’re strong and durable
  • Housing – with the cost of housing rising, these buildings are becoming more popular as an affordable option
  • Agricultural – from barns to equipment storage and outbuildings, these buildings can do it all


Metal Frame Buildings Gallery

Here are some images of metal frame buildings to show you their versatility and give you an idea for what’s possible.
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Benefits of Metal Frame Buildings

  • Metal is a very strong material that can withstand extreme weather conditions.
  • Metal building structures are easy to maintain and do not require painting, staining or waterproofing.
  • Metal buildings are fireproof! Metal does not burn so the risk for fires spreading through your structure is greatly reduced.
  • Metal buildings are lightweight and easy to transport, install and move if necessary. This provides lots of flexibility for your project!
  • Metal buildings are easily insulated with little air-gaps which means you can save money on energy costs by heating or cooling less than you would with other materials like wood or brick/stone.
  • Metal frame buildings are resistant to vermin and pests like rodents and insects. The metal is impermeable so if you’ve sealed your joints, they won’t get in.
  • Termite resistance is another reason to use a metal building. If you’re in a region known for termites, then metal is an excellent choice to ensure your structure won’t be eaten like a wood one could be.
  • Metal buildings can use white painted metal sheeting for the roof. This material reflects the sun’s heat and helps your structure stay cooler in hot, sunny climates than other types of roofing would.


Metal Building Options

There are metal frame building options for every project need.

  • metal buildings are available in multiple colors and finishes to suit your design needs.
  • metal structures can also be custom designed with windows, doors openings, vents or other details to fit your exact space requirements!



There are some important things to keep in mind when choosing metal frame building materials:

  • metal is a very strong material and will be difficult to cut through. If you need windows, vents or other openings in your metal structure, those should already been prepped into the metal before it’s installed.
  • metal structures are factory manufactured which can make installation faster and labor cheaper. You can save some money by doing the metal work yourself, but it’s worth hiring a metal structure installer for larger jobs.


Types of Metal Used for Buildings

Metal frame buildings come in a variety of different metal materials and offer lots of options for your project. Let’s take a look at some metal types:

  • Aluminum: lightweight, easy to cut through with power tools but cannot be welded;
  • Galvanized steel: strong metal that is also inexpensive; can be painted or left natural metal.
  • Galvalume Steel: This is a different variant from galvanized steel that is used for cladding in steel buildings, or quonset hut arches. It uses a special coating to limit rust and often comes with a 30 year+ rust-perforation warranty.
  • Corrugated metal: strong metal that can be both painted or left natural metal. This metal type is often used on buildings with minimal curves and dips in the roof structure.
  • Red-Iron: despite the name, red iron buildings are actually built of steel I-Beams. The reason they’re called Red-Iron is because the steel beams are sprayed with red iron oxide to help protect them from rust damage. It seems counter-intuitive, but believe it or not, this iron oxide coating, while similar to rust itself, does stop the steel from rusting.

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