Metal Building Kit Prices and Things You Should Know

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Metal building kits are an incredible option for your building project. They’ve revolutionized the building industry for uses such as:

  • Garages – Any size you need and added storage if you choose
  • Shops – Everything from small hobby shops to commercial production
  • Storage Sheds and Warehouse Facilities
  • Industrial uses like Factories
  • Agricultural buildings such as barns, livestock shelters, hay storage and grain storage
  • And so much more.

That said, they’re a significant investment and aren’t right for all situations. We’ve put together this post to advise you on metal building kit pricing, available options, and what you need to know.

Metal Building Kit Types and Prices

You’ll need to determine the correct type of building kit for your needs. There are a few options to choose from and they are:

Metal Quonset Huts

quonset huts buildings Quonset hut kits are made of metal arches which are easily assembled and bolted together. They were originally designed for military use by the US Navy. Their bolt-together arch design makes them easy to ship and quick to assemble. Uses range from agricultural to residential uses like garages. Because there’s no complicated internal framing, this style of building is a common choice for DIYers. That lack of internal framing means the metal arches (walls) need to be thicker than in a traditional steel framed structure and as a result, costs can increase on larger sized buildings.

Metal Quonset Hut Pricing

The average pricing per square foot on a quonset is around $12, but that price varies from about $9 to $15 per square foot depending on the size of your building. Here’s a helpful calculator to make calculating the size and cost of your building easier.

Rigid Frame, Straight Wall or Red-Iron Building

metal buildings for storage Another popular style of metal building is a straight wall steel-framed building, or red iron building. These buildings have heavy-gauge internal framing, typically in the form of I-beams. This framing is then covered with a lighter gauge cladding on the roof and walls. Steel I-beams are very heavy and designed to support significant weight. As a result, costs add up with this style of building and it’s rarely seen in buildings under around 30 feet wide (pricing below). If you’re looking for a large commercial building, however, then this is a great solution due to its durability and easy of installing multiple bay doors.

Rigid Frame Pricing

The average price per square foot on an I-Beam rigid frame building is around $15 per square foot. Unlike quonsets however, these buildings become significantly cheaper as the size of the building grows. Because of its efficiency with larger-scale buildings, prices can get as low as $8 per square foot.

Light Gauge Metal Buildings

carport styles These buildings are the type you might purchase at a hardware store of building supply depot. They’re common for smaller-sized sheds, single-car garages or carports. Unlike the other two options provided, the lifespan of these buildings can be a bit limited as the metal isn’t gauged as heavily and they’re more susceptible to damage. If you’re looking for a cheap, easy-to-assemble building that doesn’t need to last for more than a few years, then they can make sense.

Light Gauge Building Pricing

The prices of these buildings vary the most since they’re always sold as pre-made kits and not engineered for local codes, but prices can range from $7 per square foot on the low end and about $12 per square foot on the high end.

Hopefully, that helps you determine a price range and metal building kit style for your project. You can request an exact price for your building here!