Bucket Trucks for Building Assembly and Aerial Work

bucket trucks

Buildings often require components to be bolted together. While easy with the right equipment, this can be difficult if the building is very high or you don’t have scaffolding. That’s when tools like bucket trucks and aerial lifts come into play.

Bucket trucks are widely known and used in the construction industry. This is because they make it easier for workers to complete their jobs, especially when it comes to tasks that require work significantly above ground level, such as painting and repairing elevated items. They’re also incredibly handy when it comes to assembling a steel building!

Generally the bucket truck is a utility truck that has been fitted with a hydraulic pole also known as a boom. At the end of the boom lift is a bucket or for some models a platform. It is this bucket or platform that keeps the worker safe while the boom lifts them up to where they can easily and comfortably use tools and perform the job at hand.

The Bucket Trucks have be widely used to perform tasks in sectors such as:

  • Construction
  • Telecommunication
  • Utility
  • Signage
  • Forestry
  • Entertainment, such as in Aerial photography

The choice of the bucket truck is more feasible since there are now even more stringent OSHA regulations that mandate a decrease in the use of ladders and scaffolding. This is to seek to reduce the number of accidents occurring from various off-the-ground jobs that may be seen as unsafe.

The Bucket truck is quite suitable for aerial work, and for a few other reasons, this is one piece of machinery to have in your portfolio. Let us consider some characteristics.

An Extensive Platform

The bucket truck is great simply because of its relatively large platform. This provides the operator more visibility, and by extension makes working with these machines a bit safer. The large platform also allows the user to lift those heavy and bulky items to the heights that they are seeking to reach.

Consider the Telescopic Boom

With a ladder, the height reach is limited, particularly if you need to go a few stories up. Maybe it is to fix or amend a utility service. Along with a great vertical reach, the telescopic boom can also lend to some horizontal outreach as well. This facilsingle bucket truckitates being able to complete the job even in those limited spaces as well, for example in those narrow areas such as between some buildings.

Agile And Rotate Easily

With the bucket truck, you have a good working height reach, as well as significant bucket capacity. There is also rotation of the boom and the tail swing arc, and be mindful of the booms, which can reach heights of 45 feet up to well over 110 feet.

They Have A Good Suspension Which Absorbs Jolts

Bucket trucks, also known as aerial work platforms, are a must-have tool on any construction site. They provide crews with a safer option to do their jobs and have suspension, which absorbs jolts that would otherwise cause damage to the equipment or the operator.

The Bucket Truck

They come in various sizes that can be tailored to fit the specific needs of the project and company. They range from one-person models up to six-man models. These machines offer extensive features such as variable height, boom angle, ground clearance, fuel capacity, and brake control, among others.

Their flexibility lets you do a lot without lugging your tools from location to location. Bucket trucks can handle jobs that other types of vehicles cannot. For example, they can overcome obstacles like guardrails or steep cliffs that would not be accessible by a crane truck or other vehicles. They also often have safety features that prevent them from tipping over when raised to significant height; this is one major advantage bucket trucks have over cranes!