5 Best Types of Prefabricated Home Kits

prefabricated home kits

There are several types of prefabricated home kits on the market. Today we’ll look at a few of the most popular options available and see what solution works best for your dream home!

Modular Prefabricated Home Kits

modular homes Modular Home kits offers one of the more complete types of prefab housing. It’s comprised of multiple parts or ‘modules’. These modules based on the design of the house are specifically built within the factory, wrapped, and delivered to the site ready to be assembled.

The modules are set on a pre-prepared foundation. In some instances, the modular home may arrive from the factory with siding and even flooring. This can be determined by the conversation between the homeowner, and the kit manufacturer. These types of homes are usually much less expensive to complete than the traditional stick-built structure, but also generally have less-expensive finishings. That said, there are some very high-end modular-style homes coming to market recently.

Steel Frame

modern barndominium home This type of prefab home kit makes use of metal beams rather than wood to support the building structure. Generally, they come as a building shell that is a blank canvas for you to customize to your liking.

Prefabricated steel frame homes are also growing in popularity and are one of the more efficient building methods available. Assembling this type of prefab will need some specialized equipment and know-how, as you construct the building onsite. It is on-site that all of the pre-cut and drilled beams are bolted together. These durable structures can withstand serious earthquakes and strong winds, some up to 150mph. Added to this is a lesser chance of warping and the metal being attacked by molds, termites pests and even moisture.


orange pole barn home Your next prefab home kit can be a barndominium, that is, a home which is built from a metal barn-like structure. Barndominium home kits are made with prefabricated steel construction, and the kit is also a bit easier to install on-site. Of course, the components are completed to precise standards in the manufacturing facility.

This can happen since the barndominium design is a bit more flexible and tends to have more of an open-floor type arrangement. It is also easy to add to the steel structure. Another positive to using a prefab barndominium kit is the cost factor. Naturally, price is influenced by the dimensions, insulation and other personal taste options. This kit would still be significantly more cost-effective than having to build the metal barndominium from scratch.


prefab home panel As the name suggests – this type of prefabricated home kit is primarily done in panelized form. In this instance your kit can be built wall by wall, and then each wall is transported to the building site. On-site, each panel is constructed and put together into the home as designed. Some builders tend to number or give each panel a unique code and reference, to keep things simple as per the building plan design.

There may be the need to do a bit more work than as compared to the modular type home setup kit. Some may need to have interior work completed as well as any flooring and cabinetry on site, again depending on the original plan. However, some kits can come with roofing and windows already installed. This can be a point of conversation with your kit manufacturer, to highlight your taste. The estimated time to build a panelized kit can be about 6 to 12 weeks depending on your specific manufacture and design.

Structural Insulated Panels

Considered a subcategory, are structural insulated panels (SIPs), and may be seen as a variation on a theme. This form of the panel kit tends to have two similarly oriented strand boards, fused with insulating foam. Think of it as being done like a sandwich. These types of paneling are manufactured to precision as well and within controlled conditions. This is done so that the kit can be created to fit just about any home design. The SIPs are great for energy efficiency and also helps in those places that need to maintain a consistent internal temperature.

The Prefab Housing Market Today

steel barndominium home Prefabricated home kits are becoming more and more in demand and also as a more feasible housing solution for many today. For those considering the eco-friendly route the prefab kits have led the way.  Along with this is the use of technology in the prefab housing space from manufacturing to completion and set-up.