Why the Best Off Grid Buildings are Steel Buildings

best off grid buildings

More and more we’re hearing about people looking for the best off-grid buildings. The good news is it’s easier than ever with prefab steel building kits!

Living off-grid, for many, is a step towards helping the environment while also escaping the burden of monthly utilities and being also at the mercy of many service providers.

As we’ll highlight here – steel buildings do make for great off-grid barndominiums and other buildings, and here are a few reasons you can go with investing in your own off-grid steel building.


As you move off-grid whether your office or your home you can bet your bottom dollar that you can save in the short-term and also over the long-term as well with respect to maintenance. In the short term there is very little wastage of material as compared to traditional block and mortar buildings. The steel is all pre-fabricated, and the building is ready to go out of the kit, which also means fewer man-hours in putting it together, thereby reducing labor cost and again reducing wastage on-site.

steel barndominium home This also means less energy and fuel used to put the building together and also reduced construction time. Time is Money! Once you have purchased your Pre-fab steel kit, they only require regular man-power and basic tools. The off-grid steel building kit is already cut with laser precision into the desired framework, and you merely affix them. Steel is also lightweight making for easier shipping and handling, and steel structures can be expanded much more easily than other types of buildings.

Energy Efficiency

white barn building One of the key things which will come to mind as you move into your off-grid steel building is your energy consumption. Ideally you’re looking to become fully self-reliant. Today’s modern off-grid steel buildings are very eco-friendly. Here’s why…there has been a significant advancement in steel building development. For example – you can have your steel building made with factory-insulated panels which will boast insulation values that can rival the traditional wood-frame construction. This is important for those persons who will need to maintain a consistent temperature as they go through the cooler season without losing heat. There are several types of insulation to go with your off-grid steel building such as for example – Loose-fill, Batt and Blanket, Spray Foam or even Right Board insulation. It would be wise as you discuss with your manufacturer what type of insulation would suit you best, based on the purpose.

In the summer months, your steel building can have its roof made with a special coating or pigments – which then act to help in the reflection of light and solar radiation. This now keeps the building cooler, and saves on your cooling costs as well, during the warmer season.

They can handle the weight of roof-top solar panels which aids in your overall energy efficiency effort.

Less Maintenance

small barndominium house A simple comparison of your off-grid steel building with those made of wood, is likely to show that the steel building is simply easier to maintain. In wood constructed buildings, there is the possibility of damage from:

  • Termites
  • Rotting due to moisture
  • Moisture damage
  • Warping

Off-grid steel buildings don’t experience the same issues that wood structures do. They are simpler to maintain as well and can handle bad weather better than other types of buildings, especially if you are now looking to be self-sufficient and construct something that is of value. Your off-grid steel building in comparison:

  • Can withstand hurricanes and strong winds
  • Is earthquake-resistant
  • Does not buckle or split like wood which makes for a longer lifespan
  • It’s almost maintenance-free
  • Is also fire-proof

In conclusion

To tie it all up – the best off-grid homes and buildings, are steel buildings. The more important decision lies with you as to what is the purpose you wish to achieve with the off-grid building. Remember they are very flexible structures that can be used beyond just tool and equipment storage. They can be built for purpose into a workshop, barns, garage, outdoor office, apartment (BNB) or even as a guest house. Remember you can even put this kit together and construct the off-grid steel building by yourself, which can go towards your goal of keeping expenses to a minimum.