gambrel barndominium
If you don’t know what a bardominiums are, you are not alone. But this style of home may just be the solution you’re looking for.

This cost-effective housing method features a prefabricated steel building that’s customized for residential use. The durability and affordability of steel buildings makes for a long-lasting home with lower long-term maintenance costs. The steel beams allow for large open-concept living and it’s easy to have space to spare so people will often integrate space for garages, storage, workshops or other purposes.

Both rigid steel frame and arch style quonset huts are used for these types of houses. In general rigid frame (or straight wall) are more popular however for a few reasons.

What Is A Barndominium?

Barndominium is a usual steel frame building that houses living quarters. It is also known as barndo. Implied by its name, a barndo is a simple barn converted into living quarters. It can double as a house and a workshop, barn, or shop. Depending on your need, you can have the building as a barn plus your living quarters. Or you can just convert it entirely into a residential structure.

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What Are The Advantage Of Barndominium?


gambrel barndominium The underlying barn building is a steel building, so they cost much less in terms of construction, maintenance and repair.

Open Space

Thanks to the strength of steel beams, there buildings are able to have large clear-span spaces with no interior support columns. The vast interior makes it easy for you to arrange the space according to your wishes.


Just like barns themselves, these buildings are incredibly versatile. You can have it serve as your living quarters and a barn or a workshop simultaneously.

Energy Efficient

These steel buildings are incredibly sustainable and help save at least 50 percent energy cost. The steel-framed buildings not containing heating and cooling is a pure myth. These structures can do that and much more.

Why do People Choose Barndominiums?

Barndominium provides a spacious interior that appeals to people who like an open space home. You can choose this option if you like freedom of movement and consider walls more of a hindrance than a privacy feature. After all, you can get privacy with partitions, so why use walls?

Then there are livestock owners or farmers who like to sleep in the vicinity of their animals and lands. This saves them from the inconvenience of traveling to and from their barn and saves on housing costs. However, not all like to live with animals, so the barndo serves as the first option.

What Can Barndominium Be Used For?

A barndominium can serve as your home and a barn for your livestock or farming equipment. If you’re one of those people who are not adventurous and like to see animals from afar, the whole barndo can be converted into an open house. It can also serve as a hunting lodge, guest house, cabin, shops, garages, etc.

Can Quonset Huts Become Barndo?

quonset home Yes, absolutely. You have to remember that at its primary, the barndominium is a steel-framed building so that it can adopt a wide range of styles and designs. However, a Quonset hut serving as a barndo is a bit rare, as most people prefer the traditional, sloped roof buildings over them.

Are There Barndominium Homes Existing Right Now?

We admit that this name was not very well known. But TikTok has increased the barndominium related searches from non-existent to 80 million-plus views over the past year.

Most of the people that used such structures were primarily farmers or owners that wanted a barn, shop, or garage attached to their living quarters. However, now that the name has exploded into fame, many people have opted for barndos simply because of how much free unobstructed space they contain.

Can You Build A Barndominium On Your Own?

Yes, you can. Various companies provide a do-it-yourself kit for brands. These kits come with proper instructions and parts that can be easily assembled on the site. Many people don’t choose that route because it is a bit inconvenient, and professionals can build it faster.

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